Lylia Exclusive 515 Skin: Future Star


Lylia Exclusive 515 Skin Future Star

Lylia Exclusive 515 Skin has arrived! With this new party look, she can join Ling, Sun and Clint now.

she’s an aggressive Diggie with a full heal. – Galthrojh, reddit user

Lylia’s a nightmare to lane against. She sends out Gloom with Shockwave and when she uses her S1 and S2 combo, she can slow enemies in her lane by 40% that lasts for 1.5s. Lylia’s ulti will take her back to where she was 4s ago but be very careful because you can end up in between the enemy team. So always look at the minimap before you hit the ulti.

For those who are looking to master Lylia, click here for the complete guide.


By the way, did you know that Party Ticket can be used to redeem massive exclusive rewards, including 515 Exclusive Recall Effect “Party King”, 515 Exclusive Elimination Effect “Time to Celebrate”, Exclusive Battle Emote “Huuuuug~” and more?

Game on, party on! Top up on Codashop and get ready for 515 eparty with Lylia new skin.


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