League of Legends: Wild Rift – Challenger Tips to help you rank faster


League of Legends Wild Rift - Challenger Tips to help you rank faster

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, it’s the ultimate dream of every Summoner to reach the pinnacle tier of ranked play — Challenger. It’s a different level of gaming when you reach the top, where most players are competitive and more advanced. Playing to win and get passed ten tiers is no easy feat though. But it can be done! In this post, we fill you in with tips to help you move up the ranks and achieve that Challenger badge!

What are the ranks in LoL: Wild Rift

As a quick recap, the League of Legends: Wild Rift ranking system consists of ten tiers that differentiate skill hierarchy. For newbie summoners, the Ranked PVP can be unlocked once they reach level 10. Just continue playing the game to access it. Players can also check their league standings in their profiles. The ranks are listed below in ascending order.

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

Wild Rift - Ranking

Wild Rift - RankingsThe League of Legends: Wild Rift ranking system consists of ten tiers. Image Credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

You can also check out our post about the Wild Rift Ranking System to learn more.

Tips to rank up faster in Wild Rift (Your road to Challenger)

With everyone sinking their fingers in ranked games to climb the ladder, you’ll need to maximize your play style approach to win matches and successfully gain ELO. Here are some underrated tips to help you rack up those wins.

  • Play more games.

    Let’s start with the most basic — playing more games. Immersing yourself in more games will get you familiar with the game’s mechanics and give you a better feel. It will expose you to different Champions, experience their skills, and how they operate on the map. It will also give you insights on map awareness. As you progress, you will also understand the different objectives and how to prioritize them. If you happen to be a newbie, playing more games will help build your confidence, take off that ranked game anxiety, especially if you’re not the most skilled player in the field.
  • Master a role and a Champion.

    You’ll have better chances to climb the ranked ladder if you master playing a champion in a particular role. Learn more about that champion — skill usage, team synergy, its counters. Get familiar with your role (Baron lane, Mid, Jungler, Dragon Lane – ADC and Support), your objective, and how you can achieve it. If you’re playing Tank, know how to set up team fights and protect your damage dealers. For junglers, focus on improving your farming. Study your lane matchups to understand how to engage. Play normal and custom games to familiarize yourself with different champions and how to counter them. Once you’ve mastered your champion, you’ll be able to adjust to being at the right place at the right time.

Wild Rift - LineupMaster your champion so you can be at the right place at the right time.

We recommend that you keep your champion pool small. Master at least two champions rather than focusing on five or more, as this will make you more proficient in the long run. If your main champion gets banned or picked by the enemy, your second choice is there on standby. You can also try selecting easier champions to use. It will help you become more aware of the objectives and map vision rather than figuring out its mechanics. Jinx (as ADC), Darius for Baron lane, and Janna are good for starters. 

Over time, accomplishing these tasks will contribute to you and your team gaining the upper hand in battle.

  • Give priority to specific objectives over the other.

    Don’t play just for kills. More kills DOES NOT automatically equate to winning. Sure, it’s fun to get an Ace or a Pentakill, but see to it that your main objectives are being met as you progress in the match. Prioritize in destroying turrets, capturing Baron and Dragons, and then going for the kills.

Achieving these objectives will strengthen your team with more permanent buffs and give more gold to buy equipment to complete your builds quickly. If you get your objectives right, you’ll be surprised that your ADC has snowballed like crazy, and only a few enemy turrets are left standing. Winning is just a hairline away.

  • Take advantage of Wild Rift’s Ranked Fortitude System.

Players who are consistent and show impactful play are rewarded with better protection via the Ranked Fortitude System. Going on a winning streak, showing skilled plays, playing with an AFK teammate, or facing a powerful team will all net you more Points, while negative behavior will reduce them. 

Wild Rift’s Ranked Fortitude System

What’s even better is that you will automatically gain two Ranked Marks when you win a match with a full Fortitude bar. This is most useful, especially when you are trying to get out of Iron and Bronze.

Those who play honorably get more Fortitude compared to those who play toxic. Simply put, Fortitude saves you from losing Ranked Marks. It’s a crucial element that will affect your ranking quest.

  • Keep updated with the current META.

This one does not take much of an effort but certainly goes a long way. It is good that Riot provides a timely update on Champion and other balance changes, so try to brush up on this information to make the necessary adjustments. Read patch notes to know if your main champion has been buffed or nerfed. Your main may be too powerful today, but he can be nerfed to become fair for others in the next patch update.

Also, try to learn about the meta champions and use them during ranked play. They are packed and more efficient, with their skills modified accordingly.

  • Play duo (or trio).

And finally, it helps if you have reliable teammates to play with. Playing in a duo or with a trio in ranked games makes it easier to adjust roles to produce a more potent team synergy. It makes adjusting easier in draft picks so you can easily match up with the enemy lineup. Also, playing with your trusted allies makes for better communication so you can get objectives covered more clearly.

Wild Rift Lobby

More importantly, this increases your chances of winning games and ranking up faster, having fewer random players on your side of the competition.

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