League of Legends: Wild Rift Akshan Guide, the Rogue Sentinel


Akshan Guide

Summoners, meet Akshan, your new high-flying Rogue Sentinel of Light. He plays a Marksman / Assassin role and is usually played in the mid-lane. Akshan makes excellent use of his boomerang and grappling hook, allowing him to swing in a circle while shooting an enemy. His ability to earn bonus gold and shorten a teammate’s respawn timer by avenging their death is something to look forward to. Check this new champion guide to learn his best build, plus some valuable info to maximize him in battle.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Akshan Overview

League of Legends Wild Rift Akshan Overview

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, is the latest mid-laner AD champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. He is a marksman/assassin who is highly skilled in stealth combat. Moreover, he fights evil with dashing charisma, righteous vengeance, and a conspicuous lack of shirts.

Wild Rift Akshan Abilities

Passive – Dirty Fighting

Every three hits from attacks and abilities deal an additional 25 magic damage. Against champions, also gains a shield that absorbs 40 damage (+ 40% AD) for 2 seconds (12s cd). 

After launching an attack, Akshan will fire a second shot that deals 29 physical damage (+ 50%). He can cancel this shot to gain 40 Movement Speed decaying over 1 second. 

Holding down the attack button will fire the second shot.

Skill 1 – Avengerang

Throws a boomerang that deals 52 physical damage (5 + 80%), extending the range each time it hits an enemy. 

Champion hits grant Akshan 40% Movement Speed decaying over 1 second. 

Deals 60%  damage to minions.

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Skill 2 – Going Rogue

Passive: Enemies that kill allied champions become Scoundrels for 40 seconds. When Akshan takes down a Scoundrel, he gains 100 gold and revives the slain allies.

Active: Become camouflaged for 1.75 seconds and gain 80% Movement Speed towards Scoundrels. Duration is infinite, while Akshan is near terrain or in a bush.

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Skill 3 – Heroic Swing

Fires a hook to attach and swing around terrain, attacking the nearest enemy for 30 physical damage (30 + 15% AD) per shot. If Akshan collides with an enemy champion or terrain, he will jump off the rope.

Re-cast: Jumps off the rope. Champion takedowns refresh this ability´s cooldown. Prioritizes champions recently damaged by Akshan. On-hit effects deal 25% damage.

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Ultimate – Comeuppance

Locks onto an enemy champion, charging 5 shots over 3 seconds. 

Re-cast: Fires the shots, dealing 28 physical damage (20 + 12.5%) to the first enemy or structure hit, increased up to 109 physical damage (80 + 50%) based on target´s missing Health.

Cooldown: 75 seconds

Wild Rift Akshan Best Runes

You can equip the following Rune Setup to give more bite on Akshan’s attacks, making them more lethal and will also help solidify his lower stats. As a marksman, he relies on Mana to do his bidding, so he must handle it effectively. That’s where Manaflow Band enters the picture. Arming him with an item (Adaptive Carapace) to get bonus max health will be crucial to make it out alive in tight situations.

Wild Rift Akshan Best Runes


Conqueror: Getting stacks of AD or AP when hitting enemies will make Akshan a focal point on offense (in the damage department) for the team, especially when fights go on an extended run.


Brutal: The early game performance is critical to Akshan’s game. Brutal will help him gain attack damage or ability power to make him more effective in the early phase of the match.

Adaptive Carapace: Extra health is always a good thing! This item can help Akshan survive intense team fights, flee from danger, or and aid to get an extra breath to snatch a kill.

Manaflow Band: You’ll need all the mana you can, and this item dramatically helps to increase your max mana.

Wild Rift Akshan Best Spell

The most suitable Battle Spells for Akshan aim for better mobility and extra damage.


Flash: This item will help Akshan escape sticky situations and gives him better offensive options (like excellent mobility to teleport towards a target location).


Ignite: This one can help Akshan finish off fallen targets trying to escape and reduce the healing effects that enemies resort to.

Wild Rift Akshan Best Items

Check out this recommended build for Akshan!

Wild Rift Akshan Best Items

  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Infinity Edge
  • Bloodthirster
  • Guardian Angel

Why You Should Play Wild Rift Akshan

Akshan is unlike any other marksman/assassin champion. His skills are fun to watch, especially his Heroic Swing. But more than that, he can be quite a force against opposing teams with his excellent firepower, given the right build and mastery (especially for his third skill). As an assassin, Akshan can stealthily rotate through the sidelines to maneuver offense and defense without getting noticed by his enemies.


  • His passive grants damage, attack speed, plus shield.
  • His ultimate has tremendous damage capability.
  • Excellent mobility and can engage well in stealth combat.


  • He has high difficulty and requires mastering, especially his third skill.
  • He is a squishy champion.
  • He has poor health.

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