How to Play Genshin Impact: Beginner’s Guide and Pro Tips (Part 1)


Get insights on Traversal, Combat, Adventure Rank and more

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming industry by storm. As a massive hit with gamers, it was reported that the game has accrued over 23 million mobile downloads in its first week alone! New to the game? We’ll teach you the basics to get you started in the right direction.

Thanks to Mihoyo, Genshin Impact is available to play for more gamers. Join the action on PC, iOS (via App Store), Android (via Google Play) and even on PlayStation 4. These platforms also utilize co-op cross-play so you can play with your friends. Click here to download the game and join fellow Travelers for an epic adventure!

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide

Game Basics: Traversal, Combat, and Elements

This open-world RPG is loaded with action as you fight your way across enemies to complete missions. Traverse the map to get around. Paimon, your chatterbox companion, will guide you about the basic gameplay including combat, elements, and more. Let’s discuss some of them here.


Terrain traversal is one of the major requirements in Genshin Impact. Being an open-world, you’ll spend considerable time exploring the map and going to different locations. You can use the sprint button to get from one point to another faster. *Tip: Instead of holding down the sprint button longer, spam it every few seconds to efficiently drain your stamina and avoid easily getting fatigued.


You can also jump using the jump button. Jumping enables you to climb walls and mountains. Climbing consumes stamina and you will automatically drop once your stamina bar is all used up.


You can swim simply by getting into the water. Drag the joystick in any direction to start moving. You can also swim faster (swim icon), but remember that it drains stamina and can get you drowned when all used up.


Finally, you can use the hang-glider to glide your way safely down from taller areas. You can also utilize this to execute falling elemental attacks on unsuspecting foes. To obtain the Glider, you just need to follow the story quests. Upon meeting Amber in Monstadt, she’ll give you your own Glider as a welcome gift.




As you explore Teyvat, you can perform good old hack and slash to get past enemies. You can also use different Weapons at a time (bows, swords, catalysts etc.), each one featuring its own attack style. Normal foes can go down by simply smashing the attack button, but there are also groups that are resistant to normal attacks, therefore requiring Elemental Combos to get the job done. With a 4-character party, you can select the most effective combinations to take down foes. This is arguably one of the best features of Genshin Impact. For example, Hilichurls will not go down easily unless you break their Dendro shields. Using Pyro skills usually does the trick. 


There are seven (7) Elements featured in Genshin Impact:  Anemo, Geo, Cryo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, and Dendro. As you acquire more characters and switch between them, you can create the most potent elemental combos to stun, slow and defeat special enemies. Striking them with a barrage of different elements will also create explosive elemental reactions to break your enemies’ defences. Weapon and elemental combinations abound in Genshin Impact, therefore obtaining the right characters to suit your team and your play style plays a big factor.


Party Set Up

Character Level vs. Adventure Rank

This is perhaps one of the topics that players often get confused with. Character Level is simply the measure of the power of each of your character, the same as any other game. It’s the measurement of just how strong your character is.


On the other hand, Adventure Rank (AR), is an account-wide progression level that is raised through Adventure EXP. It’s the ‘true’ level of your primary character, leveling it up will allow you to unlock features and progress further into the game. It basically tracks how experienced you are. Upon reaching certain AR, players can ascend their world to the next World Level ( automatically or by Ascension Quest completion). 

Adventure Rank and Menu

What’s important to know is that Character Level and Adventure Rank are connected to each other. Players need to increase their AR in order to increase their character’s maximum level cap.

Tips to Level up your Adventure Rank FAST

Now that you have an idea about Adventure Rank, we’ll share with you some tips to keep your AR XP rising so you can unlock more in-game features.

Do Story Quests. Completing Story Quests is one of the best ways to level up your AR – they are the main component of Genshin Impacts so you just have to play them as designed. Once you;ve gotten the hang of it, progressing through each quest will feel more exciting than just plain grinding.

Story Quests

Take part in Daily Commissions. You’ll encounter lots of Daily Commissions when you unlock it (Level 10). These tasks are somewhat routinary and will basically tell you to carry out specific missions like defeating a boss or slaying 10 enemies. You can choose from 4 ‘mini’ missions, don’t worry they update daily so you won’t have to do the same thing over again. The best thing about daily commissions is that they give you XP and other quest rewards just by finishing easy tasks.

Daily Commissions

Battle bosses (and defeat them!) When slaying normal enemies has become mundane for you, try taking on big bad bosses to give yourself the real challenge. From battling otherworldly elemental structures (Hypostasis), monsters (Cryo Regisvines) and world bosses (Lupus Boreas), these formidable foes will definitely give you a serious fight! And though it may seem difficult, the rewards are generous once you succeed.

Battle bosses

We hope that this guide will help with your first journey in Genshin Impact. Stay tuned to our next post for the advanced tips! And don’t forget, you can now top up Genesis Crystals for Genshin Impact on Codashop to help you level up. It’s faster and easier, with plenty of convenient payment methods to choose from.



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