Be an Exploration Extraordinaire: How to Unlock Sorush in Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact Sorush GuideThe vast Sumeru desert is home to dozens of intricate underground temples bursting with treasures. Some of these temples are so tricky to explore that it can take days of thorough exploration. Fortunately, adventurers have a secret weapon: Sorush. It’s a free tool that helps them easily navigate these hard-to-reach places. In this article, we’ll teach you how to unlock this free gadget to help you bring your exploration progress to 100%!

What is Sorush, and how do I unlock it?

Sorush is a major character in the “The Splendorous Sky That Day” world quest. She is part of the Pari–an ancient race of avian, flower-like creatures who reside in Vourukasha Oasis in Girdle of the Sands, Sumeru. The Pari were followers of the old Hydro Archon, Egeria, whose remains form the magical waters of Amrita in present-day Sumeru. The Pari are the ones in charge of protecting the oasis today.

Completing the world quest rewards Travellers with a gadget version of Sorush, which they can use to interact with Girdle of the Sand’s geographical features, including its unique puzzles and some previously out-of-reach areas.

Genshin Impact Sorush

How to use Sorush

Sorush functions very similarly to a drone, and you can control her to interact with Girdle of the Sand’s puzzles and mechanisms. To use Sorush, visit the Gadgets tab of your inventory and place her in any gadget quick slot. Once activated, Sorush will replace your character while your character stays in place. Note that Sorush has limited reach, so it’s best to get as close as possible to the areas before using her.

While in flight, Sorush can do three things: accelerate, ascend, and descend. You can use these to finish timed collection challenges quickly and unlock rewards. Sorush can also use her powers to activate Mayfly puzzles scattered across the region.

Genshin Impact Mayfly Puzzle

Even though Sorush can only help in exploring the Girdle of the Sands region, it is still a gladly received feature as it freshens up exploration, which is a major aspect of Genshin Impact. And with the Pari having close connections to Fontaine, it is plausible that we’ll encounter more exciting ways to explore Teyvat’s future expansions.

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