Free Fire Forsaken Creed Elite Pass, A World of Mutants and Samurai


Free Fire Forsaken Creed Elite Pass

Garena Free Fire S23 Elite Pass Agent Paws was a hit! This week, Free Fire released “Forsaken Creed” Elite Pass that takes Survivors to a parallel universe in the 1800s to become a mutant-fighting Samurai.

Mitsuo and Ichika

The two key protagonists of the new pass, Mitsuo and Ichika are part of a secret imperial elite guard. With no clear reason behind why the population is rapidly becoming mutated, Survivors have no choice but to head out and take down the deadly mutants, and protect humans from this threat.


Forsaken Creed: Shadow and Unseen Custodian Skins

The Elite Pass will bring the opportunity to Survivors to win plenty of neat rewards including Forsaken Blade, which is a skateboard shaped like a sword, Dragon’s Creed loot box skin and themed skin for grenade, weapon and more. Taking heavy inspiration from the 1800s, the Shadow and Unseen Custodian skins look really impressive with subtle dragon patterns.

Doesn’t it sound adventurous and exciting?! Purchase Garena Shells on Codashop to experience now! Click here.



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