First Female Dragon Tamer, Masha “Dragon Armor” Skin


Masha Dragon Armor

Masha “Dragon Armor” Skin

Masha from the Northern Vale, is the first female Dragon Tamer! 😍 Not only able to push turrets quickly in the early game, she can also kill Lord and turtle at a fast pace. Masha is the only hero with three layers of HP bar. To fill all of her HP bars she doesn’t need to recall because she can use her extra skill to fill it back. It’s no wonder she was chosen by the Guardian Dragons to protect the human world.

Collect all Dragon Tamer Skins to unlock the exclusive Avatar Border and Recall Effect. Masha “Dragon Armar” new skin is on sale now. Log in to get it!

Two more Dragon Tamers will complete the squad soon. Guess who they are?

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