Unlocking the Secrets of Lucinda: Your Ultimate Farlight 84 Hero Guide


Lucinda IntroductionIntroducing Lucinda, the sorceress making her mark on the battlefields of Farlight 84. She’s a top choice in ranked matches, known for her exceptional versatility. Lucinda’s skills allow her to pull and burn foes. This article will delve into Lucinda’s kit, exploring her unique abilities, gameplay strategies, and ideal weapon choices.

Lucinda’s Abilities

  • Shotgun Assault (Passive Skill)

When Lucinda wields a Shotgun, her ammo capacity gets a boost, and she reloads it faster.

  • Portable Incendiary Bomb (Tactical Skill)

Lucinda hurls a small fiery bomb that keeps damaging enemies with its flames.

  • Absolute Gravity (Ultimate)

Lucinda deploys a card-like device that creates a mini black hole. This pulls nearby enemies toward its center and slows down vehicles caught in its range.

Securing Victory With Lucinda

  1. Master the Black Hole: Lucinda’s “Mini Black Hole” ability is her key asset. Use it strategically to pull enemies together and disrupt their formations. Coordinate with your team to capitalize on this crowd control effect and make it easier to eliminate foes.
  2. Exploit Incendiary Bombs: Lucinda’s incendiary bomb can deal consistent damage over time. Throw it strategically to block enemy paths, deny access to certain areas, or flush out opponents from cover. It’s a potent tool for area denial.
  3. Leverage Shotgun Synergy: Take advantage of the increased magazine capacity and faster reload speed when using a Shotgun with Lucinda. Shotguns work exceptionally well in close-quarters combat, so position yourself wisely to maximize their effectiveness.
  4. Coordinate with Your Team: Communication is key in Farlight 84. Inform your teammates when you plan to use your abilities, especially the Black Hole. Team coordination can turn the tide of battles in your favor.
  5. Stay Mobile and Aware: Lucinda is versatile but needs to be more invincible. Keep moving to make yourself a more challenging target, and stay aware of your surroundings. Positioning is crucial in shooters, so use cover effectively to minimize exposure to enemy fire.

Best Weapons for Lucinda

When playing as Lucinda, using a shotgun as your backup weapon is a good idea. Her special skills make shotguns work better when she’s using them. For the main weapon, consider the Jupiter 64 or Mad Rabbit. These choices keep her agile for close combat and effective mid to long distances.

Recommended Team Comps

When forming your team, you can pick different heroes to pair with Lucinda as you like. However, here’s a suggestion worth trying:

  • Ember: His ultimate ability works well with Lucinda’s. When used together, they can be a potent combination.
  • Momoi: Makes her teammates heal faster, which is helpful for the team.
  • Young: Young is great for scanning and finding out where enemies are on the map.

Ember’s Ultimate deploys a blinding dome, and when synchronized with Lucinda’s Ultimate that draws enemies toward a central point, it becomes a highly effective combo, leaving opponents with no escape. With Momoi’s accelerated healing for the team and Young’s enemy location intel, Lucinda can make informed decisions on when and where to engage or unleash her ultimate. This well-balanced and strategic team configuration can be exceptionally deadly when executed precisely.


If you’re a fan of shotguns and enjoy close combat, Lucinda is the hero for you. Follow our guide and become a battlefield champion in Farlight 84 with Lucinda. Give it a shot!

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