Enjoy 20% Bonus FC Points


Score Big with 20% Bonus FC Points on EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile!

Hello Codashoppers!

The UEFA Champions League Group Stage is here, and we’ve got an unbeatable offer to make it even more exciting! From Oct. 26 to Nov. 13, 2023, get ready to unlock 20% Bonus FC Points on Codashop, your go-to source for in-game currency.

? What’s the Deal? No minimum spend. No promo code. Just pure gaming goodness. With every purchase on Codashop during this promotion, you’ll receive a fantastic 20% Bonus FC Points. It’s the ultimate win-win for all you gamers out there.

? UEFA Champions League – Your Time to Shine The UEFA Champions League Group Stage is in full swing, and your team needs you! With the Bonus FC Points, you can supercharge your gaming experience. Build your Ultimate Team™, strengthen your squad, and take on the world in thrilling matches. It’s your time to shine on the virtual pitch.

? How to Get Your Bonus FC Points Getting in on the action is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Visit Codashop.
  2. Make your purchase of in-game currency for EA Sports FC Mobile.
  3. Enjoy the 20% Bonus FC Points, no strings attached!


Promo period: 26 October – 13 November 2023

Terms and Conditions:

1. This promo is only applicable to Codashop users in Malaysia.

2. Users will receive a 20% bonus FC Points on all FC Mobile purchases.

3. There is no limit per user.

4. No minimum purchase or promo code is required.


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