Cool Summer Event | Dynasty Heroes: Legend of SamKok


DH warriors, rejoice! Enjoy a cool summer weekend event with Dynasty Heroes: Legend Samkok from 25 – 27 July! Collect your happy balloons to get rewards ~ 🎈☀️

Dynasty Heroes Cool Summer Event

More activities as follows:

Login to get Happy Balloon

During the event, log in to get Cool Summer rewards-Happy Balloon*5, Ingot*588. My lord can receive it once a day! Don’t miss the benefits! *Unlock Happy Balloon, you are likely to get divine or legendary gear, divine or legendary Artifact, divine warriors, etc.

Be active to earn Balloons

During the event, my lord can get Happy Balloon in Travel, Story Instance. There is a daily drop limit of Happy Balloon. For more info, please check in-game event rules.

Earn Balloons with Legion mates

During the event, for every legion event (Legion BOSS, Legion Quiz, Legion Trial, Three Kingdoms), my lord can get legion event rewards once-Happy Balloon*3, Ingot*288. You can claim rewards for up to 4 times per day.

Huarong Road fun rewards

During the event, successfully participate in the Huarong Road event for the specified number of times, you can get extra Support Coupon! If you successfully bet on Huarong Road for the specified number of times, you can also get a Divine Artifact reward!

Exchange rewards in shop

During the event, players can use ingots to exchange rare rewards in shop. Red Feather Fatal Arrow, Heaven Bagua, Spring and Autumn, Warring States, Legendary Insignia Chest, you can choose freely and improve CP readily.

Massive top-up benefits

During the event, buy [Limited Pack] on event page every day to get super rare rewards! Divine Insignia Chest, Legendary Insignia Chest, Universal Artifcat, Refine Stone and others are waiting for you! Meanwhile your total top-up will also give you extra Divine Insignia, Divine Warrior, Pet and War Horse!

Top up your ingots only on Codashop!

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