League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Guide Urgot

Wild Rift Urgot Champion Guide
As a former Noxian executioner, Urgot always believed that the strong should rule. He served emperors and solidified this ideal with every kill until he was deemed unnecessary and locked behind th...

Brawl Stars: Best Brawlers for Beginners

Brawl Stars Best Brawlers
Jumpstart your Brawl Stars journey by picking the best Brawlers for beginners!

These Genshin Impact characters are so Waifu, they...

Genshin Impact Waifu Characters
Agree or disagree, we know one thing for sure: Waifu is eternal! Genshin Impact is a lovely game. We attest to that with its captivating storyline, a visually pleasing environment, and fantastic vo...

Wild Rift Guide: Best Champions to Use for Solo Ra...

Wild Rift Best Champions for Solo Ranking
Do you want to climb the ranks of competitive Wild Rift but don’t know who to use? Check out this guide to know who you can use for solo ranking.

Increase your shooting accuracy with this CODM Bes...

Best SKS Loadout to Increase Shooting Accuracy
The SKS Marksman Rifle in CODM is probably the best gun pick for new Operators with its accuracy, mobility, and quick firing rate. It doesn't have the highest damage output, but it's still deadly in c...

Luocha the Traveller: Honkai Star Rail Build Guide...

Honkai Star Rail Luocha (1)
Learn how to build and perfect Luocha’s kit with this comprehensive Honkai: Star Rail Luocha guide. Unleash his true potential today!

ICYMI: What Happened to PUBG Mobile in 2020

We can all agree to disagree that it’s been a rough, cyberpunk-ish year. Good thing that battle royale games have remained steadfast despite the challenges that surfaced. PUBG Mobile kicked off 20...

Quick Guide on How to Play Apex Legends Mobile for...

If you’re planning to play Apex Legends Mobile, know that it may slightly vary from its PC counterpart. The portable version of the game, while faithful to the original, might take a few adjustmen...

League of Legends Guide to Reworked Aurelion Sol

League of Legends Guide to Reworked Aurelion Sol
The cosmos trembles as Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, enters the battlefield in League of Legends. This celestial dragon radiates power and majesty, commanding the stars to dance and explode at hi...

Wild Rift Champion Guide: Samira

Wild Rift Champion Guide Samira
In League of Legends: Wild Rift, players get to choose their champion based on their own playstyle and strategy. Some like to play the support role, while others prefer to be on the offensive. If ...