The Ultimate Call of Duty: Mobile Guide Every Player Should Know


Call of Duty: Mobile has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2019. As one of the most popular multiplayer, first-person shooter games on mobile, it has attracted millions of players who are hooked on its exciting gameplay and graphics. Players can enjoy some of the most memorable game modes in the franchise, including Domination, Battle Royale, and even limited-time events like Zombies and Search and Destroy.

CODM has a lot to offer, and as a new player, it can be overwhelming to navigate the game’s settings and features. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, you probably have some questions about different aspects of the game. That’s why we have compiled the ultimate Call of Duty: Mobile guide that every player should know. All your pressing questions will be answered, and you will learn some tips and tricks to take your gameplay experience to the next level.

Battle Pass FAQs

The Battle Pass is a seasonal progression system in Call of Duty: Mobile that allows players to unlock various in-game rewards by earning Battle Pass XP.

The Battle Pass consists of multiple tiers, and as you earn Battle Pass XP by playing matches and completing challenges, you progress through these tiers. Each tier grants you specific rewards, such as weapon skins, character skins, emotes, calling cards, and more.

The Battle Pass can be purchased directly from the in-game store using COD Points, which is the premium currency in Call of Duty: Mobile. There are two versions of the Battle Pass: the Free Pass and the Premium Pass. The Premium Pass offers more rewards and costs COD Points.

Yes, there is a Free Pass available to all players. The Free Pass grants you a limited number of rewards as you progress through its tiers. However, the Premium Pass offers significantly more rewards and unlocks additional tiers.

If you purchase the Premium Pass after progressing through the Free Pass, you will immediately unlock all the premium rewards up to your current tier, in addition to gaining access to the premium rewards for future tiers.

Battle Pass seasons typically last for several weeks, usually one month. At the end of each season, a new Battle Pass is introduced with a fresh set of rewards.

Yes, there are several ways to accelerate your Battle Pass progression. Completing daily and weekly challenges, participating in events, and using Battle Pass XP boosters can help you earn XP faster, thus advancing through the tiers more quickly.

At the end of a Battle Pass season, your progress and unlocked rewards from that season’s Battle Pass will be reset. However, your progress and rewards for the current season will carry over if you choose to purchase the new Battle Pass.

Yes, the Premium Pass of the Battle Pass often includes COD Points as rewards at certain tiers. By purchasing the Battle Pass and progressing through it, you can earn back a portion or all of the COD Points spent on purchasing it.

Yes, your Battle Pass progress is linked to your Call of Duty: Mobile account, so you can access and continue your progress on any platform as long as you’re using the same account.

In addition to unlocking more rewards, purchasing the Premium Pass often grants players access to exclusive events, challenges, and additional XP boosters, which can help them progress through the Battle Pass tiers faster

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There you have it! The most common questions and concerns about Call of Duty: Mobile answered in our comprehensive FAQ and guide. We hope this article has been helpful in improving your gameplay experience and making your journey through the game smoother. Remember to keep practising, experiment with different settings and loadouts, and have fun while playing.

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