Black Dragon Yu Zhong, MLBB Newest Fighter Hero


New Hero Yu Zhong

Introducing Yu Zhong, the latest Fighter hero in MLBB! Players just need to log in to get Yu Zhong for free. Besides, it will also come with a new skin for this hero. From the looks of it, Yu Zhong is going to be an instant favourite with his impressive crowd control and damage output. Let’s take a look at what he has to offer on the battlefield:

Yu Zhong Skills and Ultimate

First Skill – Dragon Toe

Yu Zhong’s first skill turns his cloak into a weapon, attacking enemies around him after a short delay, while enemies in the outer area of the cloak will receive 250% damage. This skill is perfect for zoning out heroes in the laning phase.

Second Skill – Soul Grip

When Soul Grip hits enemies, Yu Zhong can attack and slow enemies in a line. Soul Grip can be utilized to chase down enemies, as it brings Yu Zhong into range to use his other skills.

Third Skill – Furious Dive

Furious Dive is Yu Zhong’s best crowd-control skill, giving him a fairly long dash that ends with a delayed knock-up, enemies within the area of effect will be knocked airborne for 1 second and take physical damage.

Ultimate – Black Dragon Form

After channeling for 0.6 second, Yu Zhong transforms into the Black Dragon Form for 7 seconds, turning him into the mythical creature that is immune to crowd control attacks. This skill is perfect for extending team fights or escaping a gank. If Yu Zhong makes the most of his Ultimate, which is to gather the utmost Sha essence, he can survive almost any team fight without breaking a sweat!


#FunFact Did you know that Yu Zhong was originally called Yu Chong before the official release? Don’t miss out the 30% discount on Yu Zhong Emerald Dragon skin during the launch week!

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