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CODM--Best-Fennec-Attachment (1)Fennec, a fully automatic submachine gun of the SMC kind, has been making the headlines in the Call of Duty: Mobile community. The Fennec has outstanding characteristics like high damage, a rapid firing rate, and great recoil control. Because of its fast fire rate, it is well suited for close-range combat, making it a very effective weapon in high-intensity gunfights. If you want to improve your game in Call of Duty: Mobile, the Fennec is a weapon you should consider adding to your loadout.

Importance of Gun Attachment 

Attachments are vital to any first-person shooter game, including COD Mobile. They can significantly impact your gameplay by enhancing your weapon’s performance and giving you a tactical advantage over your opponents.

Various attachments are available in COD Mobile, such as optics, grips, magazines, barrels, and stocks, and each has a specific function. For instance, an optic attachment can help you aim more accurately at your targets, while a grip attachment can improve your weapon’s recoil control. A magazine attachment can increase your ammo capacity, and a barrel attachment can improve your weapon’s range and accuracy.

Using the right attachments for your weapon can significantly affect how well you perform in a match. With the right combination of attachments, you can increase your accuracy, reduce your recoil, and deal more damage, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Barrel Attachments

Fennec Barrel CODM

Using barrel attachments on the Fennec in COD Mobile can provide many benefits, including increased range, improved accuracy, reduced recoil, stealth, and faster ADS time. Players should experiment with different attachments to find the ones that work best for their playstyle and preferences. Overall, using the right barrel attachments can help players perform better and have more success in matches. Here is the overview of Barrel Attachments for Fennec:

  • MIP Extended Light Barrel (-64% ADS Bullet Spread, +10.0% Damage Range, -4.0% Horizontal Recoil)
  • YKM Integral Suppressor Light (Silenced, -7.0% ADS Time)
  • MIP Light (7.0% ADS Time)
  • MIP Light Barrel (Short) (-10.0% ADS Time, +1.0% Movement Speed, +1.0% ADS Movement Speed)

For me, who usually uses Fennec as a Secondary weapon and primarily for short to mid-range gunfights, I would recommend using MIP Extended Light Barrel, for it makes the gun more accurate in short/mid-range gunfights and lighter to use while moving around.

Optic Attachments

Fennec Optic CODM

Optic attachments can provide various benefits to help players perform better in matches. First, using an optic attachment can greatly improve a player’s accuracy by providing a clearer and more precise view of their surroundings. This makes aiming and shooting accurately easier, especially at longer ranges. Optic attachments like Red Dot Sights and Holographic Sights can also provide players with a more visible target reticle, allowing for easier target acquisition and tracking. Here is the overview of Optic Attachments for Fennec:

  • Classic Red Dot Sight
  • Red Dot Sight 1 to 6
  • Classic Holographic Sight 
  • Holographic Sight 1 to 3
  • Tactical Scope 
  • 3x Tactical Scope 1 to 3

I seldom use Optics on my Fennec because I mostly use it for close-range combat, but when I do, Red Dot Sight 1 is my go-to sight. It allows me to track down opponents who are near me. Fennec is meant for close-range warfare; therefore, such high-zooming optics are unnecessary.

Ammunition Attachments

Fennec Amuunitaion CODM

Using ammo attachments can give a number of advantages in the game. Increased damage, higher penetration, enhanced accuracy, quicker reloads, and greater adaptability are among them. Attachments such as FMJ and Armor-Piercing rounds can boost the amount of damage given to opponents, while Extended Mag and Fast Reload can minimize the amount of time it takes to reload your weapon. The idea is to try out different attachments to see which ones work best for your playstyle and preferences. Here is a list of Fennec Ammunition Attachments:

  • Extended Mag A (+10 Magazine Capacity
  • Fast Reload (-25.0% Reload Time)
  • Light Mag (+2.0% Movement Speed, 4.0% Movement Speed)

Being active in battle means your magazine will run out faster. As a result, I propose Fast Reload as Ammunition Attachment. It will provide you with a number of advantages, especially while fighting at close range because you will be able to load your gun quickly. A single-filled Fennec magazine is enough to take down an opponent with good precision.

Rear Grip Attachments

Grip attachments provide decreased recoil, higher accuracy, quicker ADS, and increased adaptability. Accessories such as the Foregrip and Operator Foregrip can help with weapon handling and keeping the target on lock. ADS time can be reduced with Quickdraw, and accessories like the Merc Foregrip can increase hip-fire accuracy. Here are the overview Rear Grip Attachments for Fennec:

  • Stippled Grip Tape (-5.0% ADS Time, 15.0% Sprint-to-Fire Delay)
  • Granulated Grip Tape (-11.6% ADS Bullet Spread)
  • Rubberized Grip Tape (-13.2% Vertical Recoil)

I seldom utilize Rear Grip in my Fennec Loadout, but when I do, I like to use Granulated Grip Tape since it reduces bullet spread, which helps me become more accurate in gunfights.

Underbarrel Attachments

Fennec Underbarrel CODM

Using underbarrel attachments can provide reduced recoil, added versatility, improved stability, and better hip-fire accuracy. Here is an overview of Underbarrel Attachments for Fennec:

  • Strike Foregrip (-7.6% Vertical Recoil, -4.4% ADS Bullet Spread)
  • Merc Foregrip (-6.9% Vertical Recoil, -0.4% Hipfire Bullet Spread)
  • Operator Foregrip (-13.9% Vertical Recoil)
  • Range Foregrip ( -12.9% Vertical Recoil, -12.2% ADS Bullet Spread, -3.7% Horizontal Recoil) 
  • Tactical Foregrip A (-10.0% ADS Bullet Spread)

My favorite Underbarrel Attachment for Fennec is the Operator Forgegrip, since it reduces vertical recoil, allowing me to be more precise and take down my enemies much faster. It also aids in the control of the firearm. 


Don’t settle for substandard Call of Duty: Mobile gameplay. Add the Fennec to your armory and couple it with the appropriate attachments to become more efficient on the battlefield. With its amazing numbers and your customized configuration, you’ll be a formidable force on the combat zone. Try out the suggested attachments above and combine it with your creativity and playstyle. Go out there and dominate!

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