Apex Legends Mobile Revenant Guide


Apex Legends Mobile Revenant Guide

Enter the world of Apex Legends and meet Revenant, the Synthetic Nightmare with a deadly past. Learn more about his story and how he became a killing machine without memory of his past life. Discover Revenant’s unique abilities and dominate the battlefield.  Explore Revenant’s perks and finisher, learn some general tips for gameplay and find out which teammates are recommended for the ultimate Revenant experience. Gear up for a fusion of stealth, strategy, and power with Revenant!



Revenant was once a human named Kaleb Cross, a renowned hitman for the Mercenary Syndicate known for his exceptional precision and stealth. But after being killed and resurrected as a simulacrum by the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics, Kaleb’s humanity was lost, and he became a killing machine with no memories of his past life. Synthetic Nightmare, a horrifying blend of steel and organic matter, was programmed to forget his past and serve his masters.

For centuries, Revenant hunted down anyone connected to his transformation, but eventually, he thought they were all gone. However, the re-emergence of Hammond Robotics in the Outlands has reignited his burning desire for revenge. Determined to punish those responsible for his suffering, Revenant will stop at nothing to eliminate anyone connected to Hammond, even if it means tearing through the ranks of the Legends. Kaleb Cross has become a being driven solely by his thirst for retribution. His haunting visage and deadly abilities make him a powerful and formidable opponent on the Apex Legend battlefield as he relentlessly pursues his ultimate goal: to end his existence and find peace in death.

Basic info

Callsign: Revenant, The Synthetic Nightmare

Real Name: Kaleb Cross

Age: 44 (as Human), 313 (as a Simulacrum)

Homeworld: Solace

Cost: 750 Syndicate Gold 


Apex Legends Mobile Revenant

Passive: Stalker

Revenant’s enhanced movement abilities allow him to outsmart and outmaneuver his foes, using his crouch-walking speed and prowess to his advantage.

Tactical: Silence

With a wrist flick, Revenant launches a powerful gadget that deals damage and temporarily disables enemy abilities.

Ultimate: Death Totem

The Synthetic Nightmare deploys a mystical totem that shields those within its radius from death for a limited time. When a protected ally takes critical damage, they are instantly teleported back to the totem and revived, with a portion of their health restored.



Perks Apex Legends Mobile

Death Stalker: Revenant’s crouch-walking speed becomes faster and more agile.

Creeping Dread: With his enhanced climbing skills, Revenant can quickly scale walls and obstacles, maintaining complete control as he can also move horizontally.

Nightmare Fuel: While climbing, Revenant’s movements automatically reload your weapons, keeping you ready for action.


Ability Apex Legends Mobile

No Rest For The Wicked: When activated, Revenant’s death Totem gifts allies with the ability to utilize his Stalker skills, allowing them to move with stealth and control.

Fear Paralysis: Revenant’s Silence disrupts the enemy’s abilities and hampers their movement with a slowing effect.

Zombie Siphon: Under the effect of Revenant’s Death Totem, every enemy knockdown replenishes your health.


Finishers Apex Legends Mobile

Battle Adaptation: Revenant’s finisher not only deals a devastating blow to enemies but also enhances your EVO Shield by 100 points.

Deadly Momentum: Utilizing Revenant’s finisher takes out enemies with style and shortens your Ultimate’s Cooldown by 30%.

Interrogator: Using Revenant’s finisher not only eliminates enemies in style but also reveals the location of their squad on the mini map.

Tips & Gameplay

Want to dominate the battlefield as Revenant? Follow these expert tips and gameplay strategies:

  1. Use Revenant’s crouch-walk speed and climbing ability to your advantage. These abilities allow you to move stealthily and navigate the battlefield with agility, giving you a tactical advantage over your enemies.
  2. Take advantage of Revenant’s Silence to disable enemy abilities and disrupt their strategies. Use it to ruin enemy ultimates or to take out key enemy abilities that are giving your team trouble.
  3. Use Revenant’s Death Totem to gain an edge. Not only does it protect allies from death, but it also allows you to restore your health by knocking out enemies.
  4. Feel free to use Revenant’s finisher to eliminate enemies and reveal the location of their squad on the mini map. It’s a powerful tool that can give you and your team a significant edge.
  5. Use Revenant’s passive ability, Stalker, to move stealthily and surprise enemies. Use it to get behind enemy lines, take out key targets, or catch enemies off guard.
  6. Revenant works well with Legends with solid offensive abilities, such as Bangalore and Wraith. These Legends can take advantage of Revenant’s disabling abilities to seriously damage enemies.
  7. Revenant is also a strong choice for a support role, as his Death Totem can keep allies alive, and his Silence ability can disrupt enemy strategies. Pair him Lifeline to complement your team’s abilities.

Recommended Teammates

Revenant is a powerful Legend with abilities that allow him to disable enemy abilities and protect allies from death. When choosing teammates for Revenant, it’s helpful to consider Legends that complement his abilities and fill gaps in your team’s overall strategy.

Some Legends that work well as teammates for Revenant include:

  • Bangalore: Bangalore has solid offensive abilities, such as her Smoke Launcher and Rolling Thunder ultimate, which can take advantage of Revenant’s disabling abilities.
  • Lifeline: Lifeline is a strong support Legend with abilities that can keep allies alive, such as her D.O.C. Drone and Care Package ultimate. She can also heal Revenant and his allies, making her a valuable teammate.
  • Caustic: Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap can provide defense around Revenant’s Death Totem, slowing and damaging enemies who approach it. This can be a valuable addition to Revenant’s arsenal, helping to protect his team and deter enemies from attacking the totem.
  • Wraith: Wraith has excellent mobility and stealth abilities, such as her Into the Void and Dimensional Rift ultimates, which can be used to surprise enemies and take advantage of Revenant’s disabling abilities.

As a formidable force on the battlefield, Revenant is a powerful and unique character with a rich story and a wide range of abilities. Use his abilities and perks to your advantage, and you’ll be well on your way to victory. Get ready to experience the ultimate blend of stealth, strategy, and power with Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile!

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