Little Witch, Big Power: MLBB Lylia Hero Guide

MLBB Lylia Hero Guide

Step into the magical world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as we delve into the capabilities and prowess of one of the game’s most enchanting characters, Lylia. Despite her diminutive stature, this little witch commands enormous power, capable of swaying the tide of battles in her favour. In our ‘Little Witch, Big Power: MLBB Lylia Hero Guide’, we provide an in-depth analysis of her abilities, tactics, and strategies, equipping you with the knowledge to effectively utilise this potent character. Prepare to harness Lylia’s might and turn the game around with a touch of magic.

In the world of MLBB, is a fundamental power source that can be wielded in many forms by special individuals. Lylia is one of them, a young witch who possesses an extraordinary affinity for magic. Her unique abilities allow her to manipulate time and space, granting her the ability to control the flow of battles. In this quick and easy hero guide, we will break down Lylia’s abilities and provide tips on how to maximise her potential in the game.

Who is “Little Witch” Lylia?

Lylia Animated MLBB

Lylia is one of the most well-known prodigies in the Land of Dawn’s Magic Academy. While still very young, she has shown great potential and mastery of the magical arts. However, due to her affinity with Dark Magic, which is considered taboo in the academy, she faced prejudice and discrimination from her peers. Lylia is a loner but a mischievous one at that, often playing pranks on her classmates and teachers. It was during these times of solitude that Lylia discovered her new pet and friend, a powerful but cute Void Monster that she decided to name Gloom. The problem is Void Monsters are born from the usage of Alien Space Summoning, a form of Dark Magic that Lylia has a deep connection with.

Due to the nature of her pet, Lylia was ostracised even further by her peers and teachers, who feared the dark energy radiating from Gloom. As a prank, Lylia and Gloom summoned a horde of Void Monsters with her Dark Magic and unleashed chaos within the academy as a way of getting back at her bullies. However, the chaos escalated quickly and threatened the lives of her fellow students and teachers. Eudora, her mentor and professor, tried to intervene and stop the chaos, but was overwhelmed by the sheer power of the Void Monsters. Seeing that her prank had gone too far, Lylia had a change of heart and used her powers to seal all the Void Monsters into Gloom, saving Eudora and the entire school. This is when Eudora and the rest of the academy realise the true power of Lylia and how Dark Magic shouldn’t be associated with darkness and destruction and is actually dependent on the wielder’s intentions and choices.

How to Win Games with Lylia

Understanding Lylia’s Abilities


Through Gloom’s Dark Magic, Lylia gains 15% movement speed whenever she’s near Gloom. Moreover, with every upgrade of Gloom, her movement speed increases by 5%, stacking up to 4 times, allowing her to reach a maximum of 35% movement speed increase.

Phantom Step

Lylia summons Gloom in a linear direction, inflicting Magic Damage on all enemies that stand in its way. They’re also slowed down by 40% for 1.5 seconds. If Gloom comes in contact with a ball of Shadow Energy, Gloom devours it and explodes, dealing AoE damage to enemies.

Speedy Lightwheel

Lylia throws out a condensed ball of Shadow Energy at a targeted area that slows down enemies by 80% for 0.5 seconds and deals Magic Damage to them. Whenever Gloom or Magic Shockwave detonates Shadow Energy, it causes extra Magic Damage and transforms the Shadow Energy into Gloom for eight seconds. During this duration, Gloom can detonate other Shadow Energies within his range. Each detonation resets the timer and makes Gloom move to the Shadow Energy’s location.

Shadow Energy has five charges, which you can use consecutively. Gloom’s detonation damage gets amplified by 30% with each Shadow Energy detonation within 8 seconds, stacking up to 4 times, or 120%. If Gloom consecutively detonates 5 Shadow Energies, the skill can result in substantial Magic Damage.

Speedy Lightwheel

When Lylia’s ultimate is ready and full, she leaves her black shoes behind, along with a trail of magic symbols. Upon usage of her ultimate, Lylia returns to the location of the Black Shoes 4 seconds ago, restoring her HP and Mana to their previous state. Moreover, she receives a Max HP boost and gains a 20% extra Movement Speed boost for 4 seconds.

Recommended Emblems for Lylia

Lylia Emblem MLBB

As a Mage who specialises in burst damage, the Assassin emblem would fit her well. The Assassin emblem provides Lylia with bonus Adaptive Penetration and Adaptive Attack, which can increase her overall damage output. Speed is also a crucial factor for Lylia, as it allows her to quickly move around the battlefield and position herself for maximum impact. For the talents, a good combination of speed and damage would best fit her playstyle. Consider the following talents to pair with the Assassin emblem:

  • Agility – Bonus movement speed
  • Bargain Hunter – Reduced equipment cost
  • Lethal Ignition – Boost damage, especially for multi-hit attacks

Agility and Lethal Ignition are your primary sources of speed and damage in this build. On the other hand, Bargain Hunter will let you buy your equipment quickly and at a lower cost, allowing you to upgrade your gear more efficiently.

Recommended Items and Battle Spells for Lylia

Lylia Build MLBB

Lylia benefits greatly from items that increase her damage, reduce her cooldowns (CDR), and improve her crowd-control (CC) capabilities. Consider this as a good all-around starter build for her:

  • Enchanted Talisman – for Magic Power, HP, and CDR
  • Magic Shoes – Movement Speed and CDR
  • Ice Queen Wand – Spell Vamp, Movement Speed, and Slow Application
  • Glowing Wand – Burning Targets and Dealing Magic Damage
  • Immortality – HP and Defence as well as the ability to Revive herself
  • Holy Crystal – More Magic Damage

The last two items are situational and can be replaced depending on the situation and the opponents. You can replace them with Divine Glaive for more Magic Penetration for better survivability and immunity against CC.

For Battle Spells, it’s best to stick with Flicker for mobility and escape potential. Alternatively, you can use Purify for additional crowd control immunity since she can be quite vulnerable to heroes with multiple CC abilities.

Final Thoughts

Lylia is quite a unique and powerful Mage hero in MLBB, with her ability to control the battlefield and deal heavy damage from a safe distance. Her high burst damage and ability to slow down enemies make her a strong pick in team fights and skirmishes. Overall, she remains to be a fun and effective hero to play, and with the right build and strategy, she can be a formidable force on the battlefield. 

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