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Winning a match in Call of Duty: Mobile means utilising all your loadout, from your guns to your melee weapons. All of these weapons and equipment are essential to achieve victory. The same can be said when using your lethal equipment. These are items that you can use to eliminate your opponents or create an edge in the game. There are a variety of lethal equipment that you can use in CODM, such as frag grenades, C4, Molotovs, and more. Each of these items has its own unique properties that can help you gain an advantage in the heat of battle. We will go in-depth into each of these pieces of lethal equipment, explaining how they work, when to use them, and how to maximise their effectiveness. 

What are Lethal Equipment in CODM?

Lethal equipment are items in CODM that are used to eliminate the enemy, create an advantage in battle, or control an area. Unlike tactical equipment, which are used primarily for their utility and to disrupt the enemy, lethal equipment are weapons that can be used to take out opponents or create a situation that’s beneficial to you. These items are usually found in the loadout of your character and can be used in different situations. While they’re simple enough to use by just equipping and tapping the fire button, it’s important to understand what each type of lethal equipment does and how they can be effectively used in battle.

Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade Lethal Equipment CODM

This is the most basic of all the lethal equipment in the game and is unlocked by default. They are used to inflict damage on enemies in the vicinity of the explosion. Frag grenades have a short fuse and explode a few seconds after being thrown. When using a Frag Grenade, make sure to throw it in a spot where you think the enemy will be, such as a doorway or a window. They tend to bounce off surfaces when thrown, so it takes some practice to use them. It’s important to note that the explosion radius isn’t that huge, so you need to be accurate when throwing it.

Sticky Grenade

Sticky Grenade Lethal Equipment CODM

Sticky grenades are a type of grenade that can be attached to surfaces, allowing them to stick to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. When detonated, it will explode and cause considerable damage to enemies in the vicinity. Sticky grenades are great for taking out enemies in tight spaces or for taking out enemies that are hiding behind cover. If possible, throwing them directly at enemies is the most effective way to use them, as they will stick to them, causing them to take the full force of the explosion. Sticky grenades have a short fuse and emit a distinguishable sound when thrown. They are unlocked at Level 37.

Trip Mine

Trip Mine Lethal Equipment CODM

Trip Mines are a type of lethal equipment that can be placed on the ground. When an enemy passes steps on it, the mine will detonate, causing considerable damage to enemies in the vicinity. Trip Mines are great for setting up traps in tight spaces or for setting up ambushes. They can also be used to block off certain areas, allowing you to control the flow of enemy troops. However, be mindful of where you place your trip mines, as they’re quite visible and can be destroyed if an enemy sees them. Trip Mines are unlocked at Level 25.

Combat Axe

Combat Axe Lethal Equipment CODM

Not all pieces of lethal equipment are capable of causing explosions. Some equipment, like the combat axe, are meant for single-target takedowns. Despite that limitation, it’s easily the most powerful lethal equipment in the game so far. The combat axe can be thrown at an enemy, dealing heavy damage and killing them instantly. It is great for taking out high-priority targets or for quickly eliminating a single enemy at close range. While the damage is impressive, you need to be as precise as possible when throwing the axe, as it can easily miss its target if not thrown correctly. It’s a simple and effective weapon that can be used to great effect. The combat axe is unlocked at Level 49.


Thermite Lethal Equipment CODM

Thermite is a sticky incendiary device that will violently burn enemies when it detonates. Once thrown, the thermite will stick to any surface it comes in contact with and produces an intense heat that will burn through the surface it’s attached to. It’s not very good at damaging multiple enemies, as the heat is localised to the area of the surface it’s attached to. However, it’s great for taking out single targets or for dealing heavy damage in a small area. In order to effectively use thermite, you need to be precise in your aim, as it can easily miss its target if thrown too far away. Thermite can be purchased at the store for 2,000 in-game credits.

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Lethal Equipment CODM

If you want the same burning effect that the thermite brings but on a larger scale, then the Molotov Cocktail is the way to go. This incendiary device will explode on impact and spread fire over a wide area. It’s great for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once and can be used to flush out hiding opponents. You don’t need to be precise when throwing a Molotov, as the spread of the fire will take care of the rest for you. You can unlock Molotov cocktails at Level 9.

Contact Grenade

Contact Grenade Lethal Equipment CODM

If you’re a fan of frag grenades but can’t afford to wait a few seconds for them to explode, then the contact grenade is the perfect choice for you. This grenade will explode on contact with any surface, making it an ideal tool for taking out enemies in a quick and efficient manner. It’s perfect for close-range battles and for quickly taking out enemies when you run out of ammo. Originally, contact grenades could be unlocked by reaching Tier 14 in last year’s Season 4 battle pass. The grenade has since been out of the battle pass circulation after that, so you need to stay tuned for any new opportunities to unlock it.


C4 Lethal Equipment CODM

C4 is a powerful explosive that can be planted, primed, and detonated remotely. It’s unlike any other lethal equipment in the game. What’s great about the C4 is you have complete control over when it detonates, allowing you to set it up in strategic locations and wait for the perfect moment to set it off. You can even throw it and detonate it in the air to catch enemy players off guard. The C4 is capable of dealing massive damage at a decent radius and can be best used on choke points and tight spaces for maximum effectiveness. Just like the contact grenade, however, you can’t unlock the C4 as it’s still out of circulation at the moment. It was first introduced in Season 9, but, as of this writing, you can’t buy it from the store or unlock it in the current battle pass. Hopefully, we’ll see it make a return in the future so more players can get their hands on it.

How to Equip Lethal Equipment in CODM

Loadout CODM

Equipping lethal equipment in Call of Duty: Mobile is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is go into the loadout menu and select the middle equipment beside your Operator Skill, which is just below the Melee weapon slot. There you can choose which lethal equipment to use in your loadout. Once you’ve selected the item, it will be added to your Loadout, and you’ll be able to use it in your next match.

Why Use Lethal Equipment in CODM Matches?

Lethal equipment is a great way to give yourself the advantage you need to win games. It can help you gain an advantage in a fight, clear out an area, or even take out an enemy before they even know what hit them. For example, you can use a frag grenade to clear out a room or a Molotov to block off an area. You can also use C4 to set a trap for unsuspecting enemies. 

If you want to fully utilise the potential of your loadout, utilising lethal equipment is a great way to do so. It can give you an edge in any match, whether it be in a close-quarters battle or a large-scale fight. Remember to use it responsibly and to stay safe on the battlefield!

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