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Revamped heroes MLBB

Who do you think got the best revamp in Project NEXT 2021 lineup?

Mobile Legends recently rolled another major update in Patch 1.5.88. One of its most notable features is Project NEXT 2021 and the arrival of the three revamped heroes in Minotaur, Alpha, and Karina. Let’s check out their fresh, new looks and improved skills!


Old Minotaur

Revamped MinotaurMinotaur New Model

Minotaur’s revamped is focused more on his appearance. The Son of Minos, who is reliable with his smashing shockwaves that deal physical damage, received a more furious, more menacing look from his previous model. This heavyweight tank now has more prominent hair and sports tougher-looking armor. His hammer also appears even deadlier with all those protruding spikes.

Minotaur MLBB
Image Credit: Moonton / Mobile Legends


Minotaur’s Passive (Rage Mode) has been adjusted, and better shows off his strength in terms of visual effect. All his skill cooldowns now reset once he enters the Rage State. In addition, his Second Skill (Motivation Roar) now comes with a new effect that enhances his basic attacks for 5 seconds once the skill is cast.


Old Alpha

Revamped AlphaAlpha New Model

Alpha’s newest model received significant improvements after the revamp. The new (and improved?) version now comes with a new name for his default look – Blade of Enmity. This tech-advanced fighter combines his charge damage (with attack support from Beta) with healing ability to last in battle.

Alpha MLBB
Image Credit: Moonton / Mobile Legends


Alpha’s skills have been adjusted with his skill cap raised considerably without changing his combos that players are already familiar with. The most significant change in Alpha is his new Ultimate (Alpha, Charge). Before the revamp, his Ulti allows him to knock enemies airborne along his path, with the final point being the sole location where he can deal his damage. After the optimization, Alpha can now knock all enemies along the way airborne and towards the final destination. This makes his attack, together with Beta’s support fire, concentrate on all enemies on contact. 


Old Karina

Revamped KarinaKarina New Model

After the revamp, Karina’s value is expected to rise, especially in ranked games. From character design to skill mechanics, the new Karina is undeniably a legend reforged! This hard-hitting melee assassin with high burst damage had her skills optimized to make eliminating enemies faster.

Karina MLBB
Image Credit: Moonton / Mobile Legends


In her new form, Karina’s Passive (Shadow Combo) has extra damage, which will be dealt to a target when they are hit three times. Triggering Shadow Combo at hero targets also reduces CD for her First and Second Skill. As for her Ultimate (Shadow Assault), not only does it make her more agile, but it also summons a Shadowform that lingers behind her target. Casting the skill again will allow Karina to return to the Shadowform’s location quickly. Karina also leaves a Shadow Mark on enemies hit by her Ultimate, and its cooldown is reset when a target with a Shadow Mark dies.

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