Poke Fun with Free Fire Emotes (And How to Obtain Them)


Free Fire Emotes

Garena does a great job of keeping Free Fire action-packed and spicing things up with fresh elements and cosmetics. From skin designs to character profiles and even the concept of integrating pets, gameplay elements have been in sync. To inject more fun in battle, there are ‘emotes’ to celebrate and joke around teammates and enemies. The spotlight is on these hilarious gestures and how you can cop them!

What are Emotes in Free Fire?

Emotes in Free Fire

Emotes are fun gestures that are used by Free Fire players to communicate with their teammates and other players in the game. Emotes are also used to express celebration and dominance in battle, a sort of ‘victory dance’ so to speak. They can also be used to tease enemies and poke fun during battle.

There are currently around 63 Emotes featured in the game. They go from iconic dance moves like Baby Shark, Jaguar Dance, and Arm Wave. Exceptional skills like Top Scorer and Kongfu (complete with nunchucks). There are also bizarre emotes like ‘I’m Saitama’ (inspired by One-Punch Man) and cute ones like Doggie (includes the pet Shiba). Rare and cool emotes include the Pirate’s Flag and LOL.

Here is the list of the current Free Fire Emotes based from the recent OB27 update.
Colors depict their rarity.


Let’s Go Pirate’s Flag I heart you Make It Rain
Flowers of Love Top DJ Tea Time Captain Booyah
FFWC Throne Power of money Doggie Booyah!
Selfie Eat my dust I’m Rich! I’m Saitama!



LOL Provoke Chicken Shoot Dance
Baby Shark Mummy Dance Push-Up Shuffling
Dragon Fist Dangerous Game Jaguar Dance Threaten
Shake With Me Devil’s Move Furious Move Moon Flip
Wiggle Walk Battle Dance High Five Shake It Up
Glorious Spin Crane Kick Party Dance Jig Dance
Soul Shaking Death Glare Break Dance Kongfu
Bon Appetit Aim, fire! The Swan Bring It On!
Why? Oh Why? Fancy Hands Shimmy Challenge On!
Lasso Dust Off Piece of Cake The Victor
Sii! Top Scorer



Hello! Applause Dab Arm Wave

How to Equip Emotes

Players can use up to 8 emotes and change them in-game according to their preference. To add an emote, simply:

Equip Emotes

  1. Go to “Collection”
  2. Click on “Emote”
  3. On the “Emote tab”, select any vacant slot
  4. Select the Emote you wish to add.

If you want to replace an Emote, it’s almost the same when you’re adding it but this time, you have to select the slot you wish to change and then pick the Emote that you want to use.

Ways to Obtain Emotes in Free Fire

Emotes come with a price tag but you can also purchase them at a discounted price during events. Here are some ways on how you can get Emotes in Free Fire. 

Via Store

Obtain Emotes in Free Fire

You can get Emotes in the Store as some of them are readily available and some at a limited-time. From the Store, click on the Collection tab and then go to the Emote icon.They range from 299 – 699 Diamonds. You can also wait for time-limited discounts to get them at a cheaper price.

Via Gift

If you want to surprise your friend with an Emote, you can send it to them via Gift. Also from the Store, just click on the Gift section, go to Collection>>Emote. Pick the Emote you want to give, click on the “Give” icon and enter the correct player ID or nickname.

Via Elite Pass

Emotes Via Elite Pass

When you subscribe to an Elite Pass, you’ll have a chance to earn an Emote as you progress through the badge count. The Emote included in the Elite Pass is exclusive, so you won’t be available to get them after the season expires.

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