Matchmaking matters: How Moonton optimizes MLBB matchmaking


Mobile Legends - Match Making

In the competitive world of multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA, striking a balance in terms of matchmaking is an essential factor. For Mobile Legends, in the name of fair-and-square, matchmaking is a huge concern. It dramatically affects players when they are matched against stronger teams or fight with lower-ranked teammates.

If you’ve been playing MLBB for the longest time, you might have encountered a significant concern raised by players regarding the quality of matches. An evident example is during Ranked games. Let’s say an Epic player is paired with a Legend and a Mythic. This case puts a disparity between the opposing teams because hero or emblem power might be significantly higher with the group with the highest-ranked player (Mythic) than those with lower-rank teammates (Epic). An ideal matchmaking scenario looks like:

Player Rank Matchmaking lineup
Grandmaster All Grandmaster OR Grandmaster + Epic players only
Epic Grandmaster + Epic OR All Epic OR Epic + Legend players only
Legend Legend + Epic OR All Legend OR Legend + Mythic players only
Mythic All Mythic OR Legend + Mythic players only 


As part of the Operation Attention project, Moonton has been gathering feedback to identify areas of improvement to enhance the gaming experience for the Mobile Legends community. The following key optimizations regarding matchmaking have been integrated into the game during the recent patch:

*Focused more on Rank weight with its effect in matchmaking algorithm, reducing the likelihood of cross-rank and unbalanced matches.

*Improved matchmaking algorithm. Solo players are no longer paired with or against stronger, more formidable grouped rivals (duo, trio, or even full stacked 5-man team). The algorithm optimization brings a duo + trio queuing team against a three-man + two-man team to begin a match. Teams of five will only be pitted against other five-man teams.

*To enhance the player’s accuracy in terms of individual skill level, Medal Points have been added. This new factor comprises three different ratings, such as overall, seasonal, and recent battle scores. It’s then augmented to the Elo algorithm to make it more precise, resulting in better matchmaking.

*Better Star-Raising/Protection points. The game result is not reliant on matchmaking alone. Team chemistry, hero familiarity, and group strategy all contribute to the outcome of the match. Players who perform exceptionally better during the game are rewarded with extra Star-Raising/Protection points to help with their rise to the ranks.

To know more about matchmaking optimization, watch the full video here:

How has your gaming experience with Mobile Legends been so far? Let us know in the comments section. Good luck and happy gaming!

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