MLBB Arlott Hero Guide: Best Build and Gameplay


Arlott lanced into the MLBB official server last February 14, 2023. With high mobility and crowd-control skills, the Lone Lancer is an excellent starter and a formidable roamer. His straightforward kit has a low skill floor making him a good pick for new players who like flashy playstyles. In this article, we’ll cover his kit, roles, and item builds.


As a half-demon, half-human hybrid, Arlott’s struggle to find his place in the world led him to join the war in the Barren Lands. He fought alongside the demons he looked up to, only to be betrayed in battle. Gravely wounded, he wandered far and wide until he met Mira in the Moniyan Empire.

The two formed a bond that later changed Arlott’s view on humans. He stayed and protected her until they caught the Church of Light’s eye. The Church abhorred them and executed Mira for heresy. Today, Arlott walks the Land of Dawn seeking revenge.

MLBB Arlott

How to win in MLBB using Arlott

Arlott Skills/Abilities

Demon Gaze


Marks nearby enemies every 8 seconds or enemies affected by crowd-control effects for 8 seconds.

Dauntless Strike


Arlott swings his lance forward, dealing Physical Damage and briefly stunning targets in the area. Targets hit by the further part of the AOE will be stunned for longer.



Arlott charges at an enemy and deals damage. If Demon Gaze marks a target, this skill will deal double damage, refresh its cooldown, and restore a percentage of Arlott’s health.

Final Slash


Arlott cleaves in front of him, dealing damage to targets in the area and pushing them to the edge of the AOE. This skill also briefly reveals hidden enemies’ locations.

Arlott Playstyle

Fighter | Assassin

Charge | Burst


Skill Effects

Best emblem sets

The Fighter and Assassin emblem sets are the two best options for Arlott. Pick the former if you want to have a higher impact on team clashes in the late game and the latter if you want him to be a deadlier ganker in the early to mid-game.

Fighter Emblem Set

  • Bravery for increased Physical Attack
  • Invasion for Physical Penetration
  • Festival of Blood for increased Spell Vamp

Assassin Emblem Set

  • Agility for increased Movement Speed
  • Invasion for increased Physical Penetration
  • High and Dry for increased damage

Best battle spell

MLBB Arlott Spell

Petrify is the ideal battle spell pick for Arlott as its crowd-control effect extends his skill combos. Use it in the middle of a team clash to apply more Demon Gaze marks.

Best item build

MLBB Arlott Item Build

Besides having a stat kit that Arlott can fully utilize, Endless Battle’s Divine Justice passive also adds more value to him as a skill caster. With it, you can sneak in a couple of basic attacks in your combo to secure a kill.

Hunter Strike is another core item you should build. Its Physical Penetration stats and unique passive helps you chase down enemies, making you a more lethal ganker.

  • Tough Boots: +22 Magic Defense, +40 Movement Speed
  • Endless Battle: +250 HP, +65 Physical ATK, +10% Lifesteal, +5 Mana Regen, +10% CD Reduction, +5% Movement Speed
  • Hunter Strike: +80 Physical ATK, +10% CD Reduction
  • Bloodlust Axe: +70 Physical ATK, +10% CD Reduction, +20% Spell Vamp
  • Dominance Ice: +70 Physical DEF, +500 Mana, +5% Movement Speed
  • Athena’s Shield: +900 HP, +2 HP Regen, +62 Magic Defense

Arlott is a fairly easy hero to pick up. Piercing through a stack of marked opponents, almost like weaving them together, feels so satisfying. Before you try this new hero, remember to top up your Mobile Legends Diamonds only at Codashop. We guarantee faster and more convenient top-ups so you can enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience.



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