Kings of Close-Range: Why Shotguns are Important in Free Fire


Free Fire - Shotguns

In Battle Royale shooter games, short-range guns are oftentimes underestimated of their potential. When gunfights are an essential factor in winning, flexibility and lethal damage matter. While many would go after snipers and ARs, hoisting a short-range weapon like a shotgun can spell the difference between winning and losing.

Let’s take a moment to discuss why carrying a shotgun in battle is important when playing Free Fire.

Importance of shotguns

*When the zone starts narrowing down on you and surviving in a smaller area is the big challenge, using a close-ranged weapon is your best hope for survival. During this time, you will be forced to engage in close combat where your sniper will be rendered useless.

*Damage done over a short distance is the main advantage of using a shotgun. It’s also an effective arsenal to set up an ambush.

*If you’re the type of player with an aggressive play style, shotguns should suit you well because of their high damage capacity.

*Shotguns are the most effective weapons to clear buildings (that’s not a factory with plenty of open space).

*Despite having only two shots, the M1887 is one of those hard-hitting guns that can penetrate and inflict lethal damage on enemies. Those sporting formidable armor can be ripped to shreds. It also has the highest damage in its class.

*Shotguns can be pretty useful in early game when your enemies still might not have vests or helmets to protect them. Do a headshot and get one-shot kills easily.

*Shotguns are fairly easy-to-use weapons. It doesn’t require players to have considerable aiming skills to be effective. It’s as simple as point and shoot (to great effect).

Shotgun Stats

There are 4 options under the shotgun class in Free Fire. Let’s get to know them better one by one and focus more on their advantages.

Shotgun - M1014

Shooting six bullets at a time is a prime advantage of the M1014. It has the largest amount of ammunition of its kind. It also has great damage stats to support it. When you engage in close-range fights, you can rely on its consistency to salvage your survival.

Shotgun - M1887

If you still don’t know yet, the M1887 has the highest damage in the shotgun category at 100. It’s a glaring reason to have it because it can decimate an enemy that pops up at point-blank range. It also has the best range among the group. Its excellent armor penetration is also something to look into because it can no doubt pierce through enemy armor. The M1887 clearly outperforms the rest. Just be mindful that it only has room for 2 bullets so you need to make every shot count.

Shotgun - SPAS12

One good thing about the SPAS12 is that you can utilize a magazine attachment to increase its magazine size. This allows you to go up against an enemy for longer without having to reload right away. It deals decent damage at 97, second only to the god itself M1887. Though it may be risky to use this one with its single fire mechanism, it has enough bullets to give you a fighting chance.

Shotgun - MAG-7

The strength of MAG-7 lies in having the highest rate of fire among all the SGs, making it more suitable for players whose style is to quickly take down enemies. And though it may not have the highest damage, its range compensates for it during close-quarter encounters as it can easily obliterate enemies with relentless fire. Its reload speed is also the fastest among the group.

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