Improve your Mobile Legends credit score with these easy steps


Mobile Legends Credit Score Guide

In Mobile Legends, one of the requirements to play Ranked Mode is to have a good credit score. The Credit Score system is a rating for players based on their in-game behaviors. Some players cannot participate in rank games because they incur violations like AFK, intentional feeding, or negative behavior, resulting in low credit scores. In this post, we’ll teach you everything about Credit Score and how you can improve your rating in a fast and easy way.

How to access your Mobile Legends Credit Score

Mobile Legends Credit Score

By default, your initial Credit Score is 100. It can be affected by your in-game behaviors – committing violations merits deductions while playing great grants perks. To check your Credit Score, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Mobile Legends on your device. Click your Profile located at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. From your Profile, click Battlefields. From the dropdown menu, you will find your Credit Score together with other sections (Statistics, Favorite, and Replays).
  3. Click on Credit Score to view your current score. You will also find information on score perks, history, and Credit Score rules.

Credit Score Rules 

How you lose points

Each player begins with a standard Credit Score of 100. This will be affected by your actions and behavior in the game. You can lose points with the following instances:

  • Lose at least 5 points for every instance of AFK, Negative Attitude, or Intentional Feeding.
  • Lose at least 8-10 points if you commit multiple serious violations within a short period of time.
  • Lose at least 1 point for not tapping Enter after a match is found.
  • Lose an additional 2-3 points after being reported by another player and verified by the system.
  • Lose at least 3-7 points if reported by multiple players and verified by the system.

How you gain points

Don’t worry if you’ve incurred a low Credit Score. You can quickly increase your points with the following instances:

  • When your Credit Score is below 100, the first login every day grants 1 point.
  • Regardless of the match result, each match completed also grants 1 point.
  • When your Credit Score is above 100, every 7 matches completed, regardless of the result, awards 1 point.

Click your Credit Score History and check your score change and the reason behind it.

Violation Rate VS Point Acquisition

Note that you cannot get points via VS A.I. Mode when your Credit Score is between 70-100. Your Violation Rate is also calculated based on your last 100 Ranked games played. The higher your Violation Rate is, the fewer points you can get per day.

  • When your Violation Rate is 1% or lower, you can get up to 12 points per day.
  • When your Violation Rate is 3% or lower, you can get up to 6 points per day.
  • When your Violation Rate is 4% or lower, you can get up to 3 points per day.

Also, remember that your Violation Rate can affect the points deducted for every violation. If your Violation Rate is higher, you will lose more points.

Rewards for getting a good Credit Score

Rewards for getting a good Credit Score
Score 110 on your Credit Score to unlock all features!

Players who do their best to perform well during matches are entitled to rewards, including a new skin! On the other hand, players with lower credit scores have limited rewards and, worse, can be prohibited from joining Ranked Matches.

  • Credit Score 110: Gain up to 8500 BPs for a week and gain 10% more BPs for each match. Additionally, players can unlock Silvanna’s Future Cop Elite skin for free.
  • 100 – 109: Gain up to 8000 BPs for a week and gain 5% more BPs for each match. Players can also unlock MCL, and the Credit Badge emote.
  • 90-99: Gain up to 7500 BPs for a week and unlocks Ranked Mode.
  • 60-89: Gain up to 6000 BPs for a week and unlocks Classic, Brawl, and Arcade Modes.
  • 0-59: Gain up to 4500 BPs for a week and can only join VS A.I. and Custom Modes.

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