How to be the Perfect Teammate in MOBA Games #SquadGoals



Video gaming has become more than just a pastime, it’s now a popular youth culture. It has also evolved into an emerging industry and profession with its Esports arm. A popular genre is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), with League of Legends: Wild Rift and Mobile Legends being excellent titles. These games have one thing in common — teamwork.

In this post, we share some tips on how to become a better teammate to successfully rank up and beat the odds of the game. So whether it’s “Assemble!”, “Turtle Power!”, or “It’s Morphin Time!”, remember that teamwork makes the dream work regardless of your battle cry.

Be more in sync than ‘wild’

League of Legends Wild Rift

Fast-paced strategy games require excellent teamwork and strategic planning. Case in point: League of Legends: Wild Rift. While individual skills to master Champions is important, it’s not the only thing that matters during the game. Teamwork will lift the entire team to victory when playing MOBA games.

Show your Champs! Playing Wild Rift requires a careful strategy. Knowing your role and cooperating with the rest of the gang is a must. It begins as early as picking in ranked games. During team selection, do the habit of showing which champion you want to use. This will trigger your teammates not to ban that champion, and more importantly, give the team an idea of how to synergize a more effective lineup.

Adjust. Adjust. In connection, adjusting your picks will ensure that your champions complement each other’s abilities. For example, Support can adjust their picks based on the overall team composition and at the same time considering the synergy between his lane companion, the ADC. Admit it, you will have teammates who are good on offense, while others will excel on defense. Adjusting will help you form a balanced party.

Also consider the following questions:
*Does your team have good Crowd Control?
*Are your carries flexible and fast enough?
*Do you have enough damage?

*Do you need to use more than one tank?

Know their kryptonite! With each Champion built differently, it also helps that you research other characters. Know their weaknesses and fragile points. Not only will it help you defeat them easily, but it will also help you become a better team member.

Stick Together. Another tip is that you must learn how and when to stick together. As you progress through late game, teamwork will help you get the upper hand. When you spot an enemy going solo, try and gather the team and ambush that poor soul. If you’re on the defensive, your tanky comrades can help to protect you from ganking.

Talk is cheap. And effective. Many players overlook this small thing when in fact it makes a world of difference. Communication is king in Wild Rift (and other games of course!). Instead of chatting (which can be dragging when the action is intense), opt to turn on your mic and just talk to each other. It will help you to easily execute an ambush or respond to a member in trouble.

Learn from your mistakes. Perhaps the greatest challenge to becoming a great team player is the fact that you have to learn to admit your blunders. If you commit several mistakes or cause more harm from deviating team strategy, don’t be callous. Stay focused and make the necessary adjustments. Avoid blaming and other toxic behavior. Remember that It’s not just about yourself, but the whole group. If you get slain, you still have your other mates to do the pushing or continue with the objective. After all, It’s a team game and a continuous learning process at that.

These are some of our simple yet handy tips to give you and your squad better team chemistry. You can also check out our other Game Guides for PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends and Free Fire to boost your A-Game!

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