Free Fire New Pet: Stronger throws with beastly pal Beaston



It’s a brand new year and Fire Fire started out strong with the introduction of a hulking new pet in Beaston. This hefty cybernetic baboon is great a support with its special skill to boost your player on the battlefield. Let’s take a look at what our new friend has to offer.


Pet Skill

To those who may seem shocked at how imposing and scary Beaston is, settle down. The in-game description reads: “Don’t judge by his looks. He has a soft heart.” Beaston’s skill is dubbed as Helping Hand. It has the power to increase the throwing distance of grenades, gloo walls, flashbangs, and smoke grenades by 10% at base level. When Beaston levels up, the skill is enhanced to 20%. At the maximum level, the throwing distance reaches up to 30%.


Pet Actions

Beaston can perform three available actions. The first is called ‘Celebration’ – happens when the player kills an enemy or consumes a medkit. Next is ‘Play’ while the third one is called ‘Show’ – both of which are triggered via the command wheel.


Pet Skins

As with other pets in the game, Beaston has a skin available called Great White Beaston. As the name suggests, it gives Beaston an immaculate white fur, with black and gold trimmings. How about the best character team up? Try pairing Beaston with Alvaro’s Art of Demolition skill to gain increased damage and range.

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