Free Fire Auto Headshot Settings & Pro Tips (Importance of Headshots & Pro Tips)


Free Fire - Auto Headshot

Like any other shooter game, headshots are lethal and the quickest way to kill an opponent. Mobile shooters all have a feature called aim assist, which in simple terms is a feature that helps you hit your shots accurately as it snaps your aim to an enemy.

Aim assist usually locks on to the body and spamming the fire button won’t help you make a lot of headshots which leads you to lose a firefight. By now you would be asking, if aim assist snaps to the body does it mean I have to turn it off to get headshots?

Yes and No, you have two options this time around but before we dig deeper into that you need to determine what type of loadout you plan to master. The settings that you need to choose will be dependent on your primary weapon.

Sniper Rifle

General Settings

If you will choose a sniper as a primary weapon, then turning off the aim assist will be beneficial to you. You do not want your crosshair snapping into the body as you will need to drag it to the head to secure a shot. We recommend this weapon for users who play on PC as using the mouse will let you easily place your crosshair on the enemy’s head and fire right away. For mobile users hold and release with aim assist turned off will be your best setting to use sniper rifles.

As far as graphics settings go, opt for a custom setting with high fps and other settings to low. But if your device or PC can handle Ultra settings then, by all means, do so. The important thing is for you to be able to see your enemy’s head right away and this is where frame rates matter.

Sensitivity will be entirely dependent on you, test out different settings depending on your playstyle and be patient about it, even pro players experiment until they get the sweet spot. Passive players need a lower scope sensitivity and aggressive players need higher sensitivity. Your device can also affect how much sensitivity you need if you have a big enough room to move your mouse in then you can get lower sensitivity settings and vice versa. For mobile users, on the other hand, smaller screens need higher sensitivity and vice versa.


Always go for the blue zone, this area has the high tier loot and will almost always contain a kar98 along with its super attachment. If the drop line is far from the blue zone and it might be impossible depending on where the safe zone goes regularly check dropped crates because you can find AWMs and Dragunovs there. I don’t recommend SKS because it has the worst stats among the 4 sniper rifles available to you

Now, depending on your playstyle a passive player will need a submachine gun as a secondary weapon because you have aim assist turned off, most of the time you will be spraying against enemies during close encounters. It doesn’t matter which one you use but, try to get a level 3 magazine on your secondary weapon so that you have more bullets to fire during close quarter combat (CQB). Aggressive players on the other hand usually opt for shotguns for CQBs and its widespread usually allows you to score headshots as long as you fire it around the enemy’s torso (shoulder area) depending on your attachments they could all be headshots or at least 2. Some players with bad aim opt for auto fire shotguns but once you have your aim and reflexes down the pump shotties are definitely stronger.

Don’t forget that a silencer is your sniper rifle’s best friend.

Assault Rifles

General Settings

We don’t usually recommend turning off aim assist if you want to use a rifle for your primary weapon but you still have options. Burst firing and tap shooting will require you to have your aim assist off and for you to have a sensitivity you are comfortable with. But this method has a lot of risks and can cause you to lose most of the time especially in the early game where you don’t have a silencer.

The reason we recommend to have aim assist turned on is because of a technique called drag headshot. The idea is to have your scope sensitivity to 100% and while shooting, even unscoped, you drag your aim upwards and let the aim assist snap randomly this causes a high chance of getting headshots while spraying.


Ideally, you want a rifle with a high rate of fire but this technique works with both SMGs and assault rifles. The main attachment you need is a level 3 magazine, getting other LVL 3 attachments helps too but if you are landing headshots then a bigger ammo capacity is all you need.

You can rush enemies and play very aggressively using this technique but you will need to practice quite a bit before you get the hang of it. We suddenly were able to play solo queueing duo and even squads in rank after learning this technique and gave us a lot of clutch wins on low health too.

Best Weapons for Headshots

If you are going the sniper rifle route then the best weapons will be K98 and AWM

For rifles as long as it has a good rate of fire and low recoil you will be able to score a lot of headshots although high dmg rifles work too. We recommend either the Famas, Groza and XM8 for mid-range drag shooting and AK an AN94 for the high dmg rifles. There are downsides for each weapon especially for the XM8 because it can only equip 2x scope, being unable to equip silencer for AN94 and Groza being found only on dropped crates, but drag shooting will offset these downsides.

Are there other ways to get Headshots automatically?

Yes, usually, they come in forms of third-party programs which are called aimbots. These are frowned upon in the gaming community and is toxic towards other players. They make the gaming experience for other miserable and it doesn’t help you improve your gameplay.

Most often using aimbots can get you banned as well. If you are a player that invests on gun skins then this shouldn’t be an option for you because you will lose your investment and prized skins.

Are there games and exercises that can help my reflexes?

Yes, you can try using Humanbechmark and other related apps but we would really advise sticking to playing a lot of matches and improving your reflexes there because map awareness should also be part of your practice. Free Fire is a bit slow-paced like PUBG so better positioning and map awareness paired with being able to drag shoot and a consistent aim will get you farther than by building good reflexes.

To Sum Things Up

You can always use the type of settings and shooting style that you prefer. Most of our Free Fire players opt for manual aiming rather than using drag methods. The drag methods are usually used on mobile devices because you lose your advantage when it comes to aiming if you drag shoot using the mouse.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge to try it out in-game and keep practising! Once you have the techniques mastered, go purchase the skin of your favourite weapon in Free Fire using Codashop. So you can have that bragging rights whenever you kill an enemy player.


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