Campers in PUBG paradise: Love them or hate them?



When you play PUBG (or other Battle Royale shooter games), it’s more likely that you’ll actively roam around and actually hunt for enemies to eliminate. But then, you’ll encounter players who keep on hiding throughout the match in a dire effort to survive until the end. Is it a good tactic or lazy gaming? Campers.

What is a camper?

A ‘camper’ is a prominent term particularly in first-person shooter (fps) games used to describe a gamer who plays passively in a match where you’re expected to actively move around the map and hunt enemies. By holding a specific place on the map, you’re basically camping in it.

At a different angle, a camper is also someone who finds a strategic spot within a level, hides there, and patiently waits for a long time to ambush or perform sniper attacks. He also waits for choice items to appear in order to get a tactical advantage.

Is camping a good strategy in PUBGM’s battle royale?

The big debate sits, “Is camping a good strategy in PUBGM?”. It’s a question that players are divided. 

Some will rave about that because of camping, they loot more effectively and get better prepared for the big finish. To live up to being stealth kill masters, camping becomes a strategy for players to stay alive longer until the zone comes knocking closer to them.

In contrast, others deem that campers ruin the fun in the game. Their main argument is that if you’re playing by plainly hiding or ‘snakes’ mostly throughout the game, where’s the thrill in confronting each other? This is battle royale, the fun lies in being aggressive especially in the late game.

Tips to become an efficient camper

*Consider this, camping is like the stealth approach in PUBG (or other similar games). If you don’t warrant much attention, you get more chances to survive.

*Camping is more effective in squad mode. It gives you better chances to get revived by your allies should you get ambushed… guess what? By other campers.

*When you reach the late stage of the game, (ex. 10 players remain), you can opt to continue camping to stay alive as time survived and loot gathered get more consideration in your total rating.

*Best places to camp? Try Bridge camping (most widely used), Open Field camping (hello snakes!), and Bush camping (most effective with a ghillie suit during the final circles).

*Being a camper is playstyle on its own. PUBG is about surviving until the end to enjoy chicken dinners. Just don’t mind other people hating on you.

Not a camper fan? Tips to spot and take out snakes and campers

*Check for footprints in your mini-map to get a hint. Campers love to move around to get a good vantage spot to ambush.

*Always pay attention to doors when entering a building. If one is open inwards while others are not, chances are someone is inside.

*Use grenades and smoke bombs (to disrupt campers inside a building). If they refuse to go out in the open, create panic and make them scramble. They hate that.

*Speaking of grenades, you can also fake a grenade throw to expose their position.

*Snakes love lurking in areas with thick, green grass and plenty of rocks. Be careful of these places particularly in Erangel.

*Always be attentive to sounds – footsteps, movements, gun fires. Using a good headset will help.

*While it is fun to hunt for snakes, make sure you do not rush alone. Have someone have your back in case the hunting backfires.

PUBGM Players bashing campers
Image credit: PUBG Mobile Facebook

PUBGM Players bashing campers in social media

Players rant about having enemies or teammates camping notoriously throughout the match. Some share their disappointment that being a camper directly violates their concept of being aggressive. They blame ‘campers’ for playing safe instead of adapting to their favored play style. Others believe that camping is boring and does not help to improve your skills, particularly the gunfights.

While there is fun in being aggressive, take into account that having a variety (in play style or individual tactic) is also good. The game is designed to generate countless tactics from different players/teams. In this scenario, we can say that camping is actually effective with many players being unhappy about getting trapped and killed by campers and snakes.

All in all, learning when to engage and when to lay low is vital to snatch your first chicken dinner. Whether you love rushing for hot drops or staying still for 20 minutes, learn to adapt to different situations to improve your skills.

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