Best Heroes to Counter Paquito in MLBB


MLBB is a popular MOBA game that has taken the world by storm. The gameplay is simple yet exciting, and it’s easy to see why so many players get hooked on it. One of the most popular features of MLBB is the heroes and one of the most famous right now is Paquito, the Heavenly Fist. Paquito is a melee fighter who is incredibly fast and agile and deals tons of damage, especially in 1v1 situations. He is often played as a jungler and even an assassin. He is a massive threat not only in the rank games but also in the pro plays, but what will you do if Paquito is swiftly picked in draftings?

This article will introduce you to the best heroes to counter Paquito in MLBB. We will also briefly overview each hero’s roles and attributes.

List of Paquito MLBB Hero Counters


Helcurt is also one of the best counter-hero for Paquito. Always remember that Paquito is a hero that is heavily skill-dependent, so silencing him would be one of the most effective ways to stop him. Helcurt can silence Paquito and finish him in an instant with his high-burst damage from Deadly Stinger. Not to mention Helcurt can also limit Paquito’s vision with his Ultimate skill, Dark Night Falls.


Lancelot is one of the assassins who can quickly eliminate Paquito. Paquito will find it difficult to match against Lancelot’s insane burst damage and blinking skills. Lancelot can also quickly dodge Paquito’s attacks and deal massive damage.


Alice is one of the heroes who can outplay Paquito in a 1v1 situation. Always remember that the key to defeating Paquito is to survive his burst damage. Alice can do this effortlessly, and as she gets enough Blood Ancestry stacks and hits level four to unblock Blood Ode, that would be the time that Paquito should retreat, or else risk instant elimination. You should also utilize Alice Blood Awe in the early games. It can immobilize Paquito for 1.2 seconds and slow him by 70% for 0.8 seconds.


Chou is one of Paquito’s most formidable rivals with his damage bursts. Chou is considered one of Paquito’s fiercest opponents because he can match with his Heavenly Fist, knock him back, and immobilize him with his Ultimate skill, The Way of the Dragon.


Barats is one of the heroes that can stop Paquito’s rampage. Barat’s Ultimate Skill, Detona’s Welcome, locks onto the target enemy hero and devours them after a 1.2s delay, suppressing them for 1s while gaining 3 stacks of Big Guy. Barats can survive the full combo of Paquito’s Heavenly Fist at max stacks.  


Benedetta is also one of the overpowered heroes that can stand against Paquito. Benedetta’s early-game kill potential has the highest chance of defeating Paquito if you ideally use her Phantom Slash and an Eye for an Eye. Not to mention Benedetta’s Alecto, her Ultimate ability that can withstand extended fights.


Nana’s annoying CC is the best counter against Paquito’s burst skills. Paquito’s mobility is also disrupted by Nana’s Molina Smooch, which can turn him into a puppet, and her Molina Blitz, which can stun multiple targets with a large AoE.


Tigreal is one of the tank heroes with useful CC that can disable Paquito’s skills. Paquito stands the lowest chance to move if Tigreal can perfectly utilize his second skill, Sacred Hammer, and his Ultimate skill, Implosium.

What do you think of our Paquito hero counters? If you also have a list of heroes worthy of defeating Paquito, share it with us in the comment section below.

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