VALORANT Yoru Agent Guide


VALORANT Yoru Agent Guide

Yoru is a skilled Duelist with Japanese roots who excels in duplicity and who aggressively assists his team. He has unique abilities that enable him to teleport via portals, blind enemies, and create fake clones of himself. Players who are skilled at tricking their enemies will find Yoru’s utility kit particularly advantageous. This article will discuss Yoru’s abilities and guide readers on utilizing his kit effectively to unleash the full potential of stealth against opponents. 

Abilities and Kit

If you are fond of showy techniques that require top-notch agility, precise timing, and quick thinking, Yoru is an excellent option as a Duelist. While he may be the most challenging Agent in this category, he can be the most effective duelist when his abilities are executed right. Let’s run down his abilities one by one.

Fakeout (100 Credits, 1 Charge)


It is uncommon for someone to advise you to “Use your Fakeout” because this ability is typically called “Decoy.” The name itself is self-explanatory as it generates a duplicate of yourself that possesses 150 HP and lasts 10 seconds or until it is destroyed. When activated with the left click, the Decoy moves straight toward the designated direction. Alternatively, you can use the right-click or Alt Fire to place an “inactive” decoy that can be activated later by selecting it and pressing the “C” key, usually the default hotkey.

The objective of this ability is to entice enemy Agents to attack your Decoy, which will subsequently emit a flash that disorients those facing it, allowing you to attack and eliminate them. Experienced players seldom target decoys, so Yoru mains often take it further and act like they are the Decoy with their Agent.

Blindside (Credits: 250, 2 Charges)

Blind Side

The Blindside is a crucial tool in Yoru’s arsenal, serving as his primary initiating ability. The ball can bounce off walls and requires a 0.6-second windup time. The resulting flash lasts for 1.5 seconds but should be used judiciously due to its high cost. To fully charge this ability, 500 credits are required, which is a considerable amount for a “Q” ability.

Like Phoenix’s flash, Yoru’s flash has a brief windup time, making it difficult to dodge once it has been thrown. When the enemy is blinded for 1.5 seconds, taking advantage of the opportunity is vital to securing an area of the site or eliminating an agent.

Gatecrash (Credits: 200, 2 Charges)

Gate Crash

Yoru’s Gatecrash ability, often referred to by alternate names, is another significant tool in his kit. This signature ability allows him to teleport to a designated location, which can be either a real or a fake one based on the circumstances and the player’s decision. A single charge is provided free of charge at the start of each round, but players may obtain an additional charge to disorient their opponents.

Pressing the left mouse button activates the teleport gate, allowing the player to travel in a straight line until they encounter an obstacle that prevents further movement. The gate lasts 30 seconds, making it a viable escape option if players need to quickly secure a kill and then return without risking much. By pressing the ALT fire or right mouse button, players can position the gate in a fixed location in front of them. To teleport to the gate, players must press either the E or F key to fake the teleport.

Dimensional Drift (Cost – 7 Ultimate Points)

Dimensional Drift

Yoru’s Ultimate is a formidable ability in VALORANT, but players must use it responsibly. The Dimensional Drift allows players to don a mask that makes them invisible, faster, and invulnerable to enemies. This makes it an ideal scouting or entry frag ability, but it should be used judiciously. While in the Dimensional Drift state and near enemies, they will experience a blue sensation on their screen, indicating that Yoru is nearby, similar to the fake teleport ability. The Dimensional Drift lasts 12 seconds but can be stopped prematurely by pressing the Ultimate Ability hotkey again. When the player returns to their normal state, enemies will hear a “teleport” sound, revealing the player’s location if they are nearby. If the player is far away, enemies will not know their location.

Best time to pick Yoru

The best time to pick Yoru is when the map has many narrow spaces, corners, or choke points, Yoru’s abilities can confuse enemies, giving players an advantage. However, remember that Yoru requires a skilled player who can use his abilities effectively and coordinate with their team to execute successful plays. Yoru is a versatile agent who can be an excellent pick for a team that needs a flanker, or when the opponents are playing defensively and need to be disrupted. In addition, Yoru can be a great choice in situations where players need to push aggressively or when they need to gather intel quickly.

Worst time to pick Yoru

Yoru may not be the best pick for teams that require a more defensive playstyle, as his abilities are primarily geared towards flanking and initiating attacks. Additionally, Yoru may need to be a better pick in situations where players struggle with map control, as his abilities may need to be more effective in this scenario. Furthermore, players who are not experienced with Yoru’s abilities may find him challenging to use effectively, which can result in him being a suboptimal pick.

Tips and Tricks on how to play Yoru

Attacking With Yoru

Yoru is an agent whose main role is to enter sites quickly, and he has a utility kit to support this role. His kit includes a decoy, double flashes, and a teleport, which he can use to either retreat or engage enemies.

Here are some tactics that Yoru can employ to attack sites:

  • Yoru can use his decoy as a diversion and stand behind it, waiting for enemies to shoot at it and become blinded.
  • Another approach is for Yoru to teleport into the site, use his flash, and teleport behind the enemies.
  • Yoru can also use a double flash to quickly enter the site.
  • Finally, Yoru can scout ahead with his teleport to engage enemies more safely.

Defending With Yoru

Different strategies can be employed to make defending with Yoru more effective. Some of these include:

  • Using Yoru’s teleport to quickly get a kill and then teleport back to safety, similar to how Chamber is played.
  • Utilizing Yoru’s flashes or decoys to slow or eliminate the enemy’s advance.
  • Pretending to be Yoru’s decoy to flank the enemy and get behind their lines, especially if they have already shot the decoy multiple times and are likely to ignore it.

Best Maps for Yoru

Choosing maps for Yoru depends on the player’s playstyle, but we will still recommend three good maps for him.

  • Bind is an excellent map for Yoru due to its fake and outplay potential with the teleport. Moreover, the map design makes it challenging for enemies to dodge Yoru’s flash, enabling him to take them down quickly.
  • Haven is another good map for Yoru, particularly for the C site, with long site lines that make his teleport extremely valuable. Also, the tight corners on this map make his flash a potent tool for entry.
  • Pearl’s release saw many players using Yoru due to his playstyle and utility kit, similar to Omen’s. Yoru can comfortably navigate this map, thanks to its many hiding places after using his Ultimate, and the long sight line on B.

Worst Map for Yoru

  • Split is my least favorite map; the elevation makes it difficult to accomplish anything with the TP; there are teleport lines on defense for rotates, but they’re clumsy; and rotating in general is difficult even with ulti. 


Yoru is a ninja-like Duelist, and a force to be reckoned with in VALORANT. His unique abilities enable him to teleport via portals, blind his enemies, and even create fake clones of himself to deceive his opponents. If you’re a player who enjoys trickery and deception, Yoru’s utility kit will be your new best friend. Activate your contract with Yoru now!

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