VALORANT: Best Agents to Pair With Neon


VALORANT Best Agents to Duo with NeonNeon is one of VALORANT’s good Duelists. Her skills involve lightning-fast movement and ways to get around the map faster than any Agent in the current roster. While it sounds like she can do things independently, she somewhat relies on team coordination, unlike Reyna or Jett. This article will look at great Agents to pair with Neon.

Some Considerations for This List

There are variables to the following Agents to pair with Neon. First is the map pool. When Neon was released, Fracture was slated to be her best map. Up until now, it is still her best map. This is especially true with a certain Initiator, a top pick in Fracture – one of the best pairs of Neon, whom I will mention later.

The second factor is how well the skill/utility set matches with Neon. Technically speaking, everyone can be paired with Neon in the current Agent pool. However, some Agents are most optimal with Neon.

Last but not least is the kind of gameplay and set plays (executes) the team wants out of the Neon. If the team wants to be aggressive or slow, there should be Agents that can do both, with Neon being the aggressor.

Best Agents to Pair With Neon

Best Initiator Agent: Breach


Breach has a high pick rate along with Neon in Fracture. Even when the map was slightly redesigned, the pair still had a decent pick rate. Their dual concuss combo and Breach’s Flashpoint, paired with Neon’s High Gear, make them catch opponents by surprise. If you’re wondering why they are good in Fracture, the map design allows optimum usage of Breach’s utilities, especially his Fault Line where a perfectly placed charge can cover any of the main entry points of the map. Paired with Neon’s Relay Bolt to cover the areas Breach can not, your team gets free kills.

The pair can also be seen in Lotus, which is more situational than Fracture. This is not exactly a “shell,” unlike Fade and Raze. So Breach and Neon are just good on one map.

Best Controller Agent: Brimstone or Viper

VALORANT Brimstone

An aggressive Controller Agent like Brimstone or Viper can complement Neon’s skills. In smaller maps like Bind or Ascent, a good lineup by these two that can stall the opponent’s site push means Neon can get aggressive, wrapping around and getting free kills. This also works well in post-plant situations if the Neon knows how to lurk.

Best Sentinel Agent: Cypher, Chamber, or Killjoy

Killjoy Contract VALORANT

While Sage can use her Resurrection ultimate on anyone, I believe Neon works best when the Sentinel actively gathers information for Neon. This is especially true in the defending rounds since the team can use Neon’s speed to get to the site where the opponents might push early or catch rotations and reposition. Cypher, Chamber, and Killjoy excel in gathering early information for Neon…

Best Duelist Agent: Any


In a double Duelist team, Neon excels with any of the other Duelists either as a solo entry Duelist with a Jett holding an angle where she can use the Operator or a dual-Duelist entry where a flash utility like Phoenix’s Curveball or Reyna’s Leer can compliment Neon’s Relay Bolt for a double status effect (blind and concuss) dealt to enemies. This opens up options for the team to attack the site.

Things to Avoid When Using Any of the Pairs

Neon is a high-mobility Agent. To make the most out of Neon, have a set play for her on defending rounds, especially when she has her ultimate ability (Overdrive). On attacking rounds, make sure she gets all the information she needs. A lurker can provide information on enemy rotations, while a Cypher Spycam can provide early site information when available.

As for Neon herself, players who usually pick her tend to overheat when not in her ultimate. This tendency compromises team effort and rarely gets the outcome the team needs, especially in post-plant situations.

I highly recommend trying her out in Fracture before moving to smaller maps to get a feel of her movement and how fast she can go from one point to another. 


Neon’s impact in VALORANT is evident in the maps she is good at. Not all maps are good with a Neon, but she has great value for those she is good in. Try out these Agents to pair with Neon on your next game. 

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