ZOMBIES! How to Play Zombie Mode In Your Favorite Shooter Games


PH-Blog-Post-Shoot-your-Zombies!-How-to-play-zombie-mode-in-your-favorite-shooter-gamesZombie Mode is a very popular sub-genre of shooter games. In this article, we’ll list down how to play zombie mode in your favorite shooter games. So, ready up the weapons and med kits; it’s time to kill some zombies.


Since Halloween is just around the corner, what better way to spend playing time than playing a game mode popular around this time? Zombie Mode is a sub-genre of First Person Shooters (FPS) that involves players surviving a zombie rush and progressing in different areas of the map with increasing difficulty. Sounds fun, right? Well, in this article, we look at the Zombie Modes available in your favorite shooter games.

Call Of Duty: Mobile (CODM)

CODM Zombies

Call Of Duty: Mobile’s Zombie Mode is an eight-stage game mode where you defeat waves of zombies with increasing difficulty. Your goal is to fortify the safe house as much as possible to halt the progress of the zombies. Every fortification and zombie kill gives points for use in different scenarios, like purchasing items and ammo and opening new areas.

Every wave features a stronger enemy (or enemies in some cases) and a wave of normal zombies that may surround you if you’re not careful. The last round will transport you to a different part of the map, with the final boss being an Abomination that can kill you in two hits. This mode is better played with a full team since you can not revive if you are killed by the Abomination.


PUBGM zombies

PUBGM introduced Zombie Mode for this Halloween. However, as of this writing, the special mode is available only in Ranked. This is actually a fun twist to the popular Battle Royale shooter. In this mode, each map (Livik, Erangel, and Miramar) will have several “hot spots” where zombies spawn. Be careful because not only will you have to defeat the zombie rush, but you also have to defend yourself from enemy players. The challenge becomes greater when a Berserker and a Reaper spawn near your location. The choices you will make will be to “team” up with your enemies to defeat the stronger monsters or take all of them yourself. Killing the normal zombies will grant you rewards that may help you defeat the stronger ones, like a Mutation Gauntlet that unleashes a Hulk-like smash attack and the Mutation Blade that grants the player a speed bonus along with a razor-sharp blade you can slash your enemies with.

Zombie mode is one of the most exciting game modes in shooter games. The exhilarating fun and action, not to mention the thrill of being surrounded by the undead, gives this mode its rightful place in these shooter games. This will surely be a treat for Halloween for your friends and family.

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