VALORANT’s Omen: Ultimate Agent Guide


VALO-Omen-Character-GuideAre you looking for a unique and exciting Controller agent in VALORANTt? Look no further than Omen, a unique and versatile agent with a set of abilities that allow for endless strategic possibilities. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, mastering Omen’s abilities can give you a powerful advantage in any match. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Omen and show you how to use his skills to dominate the battlefield.

Who is Omen

Omen is one of the first addition to the Radiant team in VALORANT PROTOCOL, and brings a unique and enigmatic presence to the Controller class. With ties to Viper’s shadowy past, Omen’s story revolves around a mysterious incident that left him transformed into his current form, no longer fully human. Join us as we delve deeper into the lore and gameplay of this intriguing character.

Omen’s Abilities

Shrouded Step (C – 100 credits)

Shrouded stepsA teleport ability with a short range, similar to Overwatch’s Reaper’s E, allows players to quickly move to higher ground, cross hallways, or enter windows. However, it has a casting time and a visible animation, so it should be used strategically.

Paranoia (Q – 200 credits)

ParanoiaOmen shoots a projectile that can penetrate walls, and causes reduced visibility to any agent it passes through. This can be a valuable asset for attacking defenders or deterring enemy advances. An indicator of a successful hit is a visual effect covering the head of the affected agent. Note that you will not be able to move while casting it so be careful if you aren’t behind cover.

Dark Cover (E – free, 30 second cooldown)

Dark CoverThis ability allows you to launch a smoke grenade through walls. You can adjust the trajectory of the grenade by moving the indicator before firing it. This will give you a chance to verify that the smoke lands in the intended location and enable you to create the perfect cover for your team.

From the Shadows (X – seven ultimate orbs)

From the ShadowsOmen’s ultimate ability allows him to teleport to any location on the map by selecting it on the map interface. The teleportation also distorts the enemy’s minimap, giving Omen and his team a strategic advantage. However, it comes at a cost as the sound generated by the ability can give away Omen’s position. If Omen is eliminated during the channeling time, he will be sent back to the original casting location.

Tips on how to use Omen’s Skills

  • Employ the smoke grenades strategically to obstruct the view of enemy players in areas you plan to navigate. You can take advantage of the recharge time to replenish your grenades for future use.
  • To avoid detection by enemies holding windows or hallways, use your teleport ability to quickly move across. This will enable you to emerge from the other side and surprise them.
  • Use your smoke grenades to create cover for your ability teleport or ultimate teleport. This will help to keep you hidden from view while teleporting.

Best Maps for Omen

  • Ascent 
  • Icebox
  • Bind 
  • Haven

Worst Maps for Omen

  • Breeze 
  • Fracture

Omen faces a disadvantage on larger maps like Breeze due to the slow casting time of his smoke and blind abilities.

Recommended Team Composition for Omen

  • Viper 
  • Sova
  • Raze
  • Cypher 

Raze, Omen, and Sova are the best agents to go forward and gather information about the map, while Cypher is the one in the back of the line, making sure no opponent comes after the team. Brimstone is the perfect combination of brainpower and brute force, for when close combat occurs. You can experiment and discover new team comp that would dominate the battlefield with Omen in it. 


This concludes our guide on playing as Omen. Keep in mind that familiarizing yourself with different angles and positions can greatly improve your gameplay with Omen. Feel free to share your impressive gameplay moments with Omen in the comments section below.

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