Best VALORANT Agents to Duo with Harbor


VALORANT Agents to Duo with Harbor

Harbor is a formidable force on the battlefield, hailing from the coast of India and wielding ancient technology that gives him power over water. His skills include summoning frothing rapids and crushing waves to protect his allies and defeat his enemies. In this article, we’ll list some of the best agents to pair with Harbor for maximum impact on the battlefield.

List of Agents to duo with Harbor


The Viper-Harbor combination is a strong choice for newer maps like Pearl and Lotus. The pair’s abilities complement each other well, with Viper’s kit benefiting from Harbor’s walls and Cove, allowing for quick entry to all three sites and easier planting of the Spike corner. Harbor’s regenerative smoke ensures that the duo will never run out of resources.

When using the combination, it is essential to communicate and remember that ability placements and timing will help you get the best results.


The Breach-Harbor combo is a formidable choice for various maps in VALORANT. Previously, it was efficient on both sites of Breeze before it was removed from competitive play. The duo is now capable of causing damage on smaller maps like Split.

Breach can confuse enemies with his utilities, while Harbor can cover a wide area with his primary smoke wall. This strategy can also be used for aggressive first picks on defense.


Sova’s recon abilities in VALORANT are excellent. When paired with Harbor’s walls, they can take advantage of unguarded angles and impede the enemy’s line of sight. In addition, both Sova and Harbor can excel in post-plant situations using their Ultimates. 

The duo can also provide valuable information to teammates with Sova’s Recon Dart and Harbor’s Reckoning Ultimate, revealing all enemies in an area.


When paired with Harbor, Neon is a top-performing Duelist that provides complementary utilities. Both Agents’ wall-like smoke abilities can obstruct multiple enemy lines of sight. Once Neon gets through the site’s entry points with the help of Harbor’s covers, she can engage in one-on-one fights.

Neon’s stuns can also disorient nearby enemies, leading to confusion combined with Harbor’s abilities. Sova’s or Fade’s recon abilities can enhance this duo’s performance.


Jett’s exceptional speed and mobility in VALORANT make her an ideal partner for Harbor. Both agents possess abilities that deny information, with Jett using her Cloud Bursts and Harbor utilizing his smoke gadgets.

The duo can quickly gain site control by having Jett enter the site quickly while Harbor covers multiple angles with his smoking abilities. Harbor’s Reckoning Ultimate can also aid Jett in swiftly entering the site and eliminating enemies who are either stunned or running. Finally, Harbor can approach aggressively once all his smoking utilities are deployed.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your VALORANT gameplay with the game-changing abilities of Harbor. Try these combos with your friends, and let us know your experience in the comments section below!

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