Conquer the Battlefield with Silvanna: MLBB Hero Guide

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The entire roster of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has always been filled with diverse and unique heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Silvanna is no exception, as her abilities and playstyle allow her to excel in different aspects of the game. She’s considered a beginner-friendly hero due to her impressive crowd-control abilities and straightforward kit. Silvanna is one of the few Fighters in the game that utilises magic damage for her attacks, making her a versatile and unpredictable threat on the battlefield. If you think Silvanna is right up your alley, then let’s dive into this hero guide and learn about her skills, background, and how to properly utilise her kit on the battlefield.

Imperial Knightess Silvanna

Sylvanna profile MLBB

Silvanna is the famed princess of the Moniyan Empire. Being a part of the royal family has granted her great power and authority. However, Silvanna is not content with just being a princess; she also desires to prove herself on the battlefield. This all started on one fateful night when the young prince was kidnapped by unknown forces. This devastated Silvanna and her family as they searched for the prince in vain. After several years of hoping for a miracle, Silvanna sought to free herself of the pain of losing her younger brother by joining the Imperial Knights, the Moniyan Empire’s elite warriors. Under the tutelage of the great warrior Tigreal, Silvanna grew to become a formidable warrior herself, determined to bring her brother back and restore peace to the empire. Little did she know that her baby brother had also grown to be a formidable figure in the Abyss, becoming a prince of darkness called Dyrroth.

During an attack by the Demon army, Tigreal rallied the Imperial Knights to fight off the invaders, leaving Silvanna to guard the kingdom. However, Silvanna wanted to finally prove herself and decided to join the battle. She went to the Imperial Sanctuary, where countless demonic creatures wreaked havoc. Silvanna became injured and worn down while trying to fight off as many demons as she could. Suddenly, the Lord of Light granted her a part of his power and imbued her lance with magic that could vanquish darkness. With this newfound power, Silvanna single-handedly defeated the demons and saved the kingdom.

How to Win in MLBB Using Silvanna

Understanding Silvanna's Abilities

Sylvanna's Mark MLBB

Silvanna deals both Physical and Magic damage to her enemies while she applies her mark for five seconds on hit. The marks can stack up to five and reduce the target’s Physical and Magic defence for every mark applied.

Spinning Lightwheel

Silvanna thrusts her lance forward, piercing all enemies in the direction of her attack. The very first enemy hit by her lance will be stunned for one second. Successfully hitting an enemy allows her to cast the skill again within 4.5 seconds, where she then jumps forward a set distance until she hits another target, after which she swings her lance for additional Magic Damage.

Phantom Step

This is Silvanna’s main source of damage. She thrusts her lance in one direction and violently spins it six times, damaging nearby enemies and slightly pulling them towards the centre of her attack. Each spin deals Magic Damage and counts as a Basic Attack but is incapable of dealing critical hits. She also casts a shield to protect herself from oncoming damage while the skill is ongoing. The more Attack Speed she has, the more spins she can do with her lance.

Speedy Lightwheel

Using her magically imbued lance, Silvanna jumps forward to the target location, slamming her lance down to the ground. This creates a Circle of Light dealing Magic Damage to enemies and slowing them down by 40%. The nearest enemy will also be Restrained for 3.5 seconds, preventing them from escaping the circle. Casting Imperial Justice grants extra Attack Speed and Magic Lifesteal to Silvanna’s attacks as long as she remains within the circle.

Silvanna's Playstyle

Sylvanna Ultimate MLBB

As a Fighter, Silvanna is considered an Initiator due to her ability to engage and lock down enemies with her ultimate, Imperial Justice. She excels at diving into the enemy team, disrupting their formation, and isolating key targets for her team to focus on. She is best utilised as an Exp Laner where she can stand her ground and sustain in fights with her magic lifesteal. With her high mobility and crowd control, she can also rotate to other lanes and assist her teammates in securing kills or objectives.


With her Circle of Light, Silvanna can create a zone of control that slows and restricts enemy movement. This allows her team to follow up with their own abilities and secure kills. Additionally, Silvanna gains bonus Attack Speed and Magic Lifesteal while remaining within the circle, making her a formidable duelist and sustain damage dealer.

To maximise her effectiveness as an initiator, Silvanna should communicate with her team and coordinate her engagements. She can use her mobility and jumping ability to surprise your opponents and catch them off guard, ensuring they are unable to escape or counter-engage.

Recommended Battle Spell and Emblem

Sylvanna Emblem MLBB

For Silvanna, the recommended battle spell is Flicker. Flicker provides additional mobility and can be used to escape dangerous situations or reposition for a better engagement. For a more aggressive approach, Vengeance is also a great option that allows you to reflect damage back to your enemies when you’re being focused.
For the Emblem, Rupture should be your priority to give Silvanna some Adaptive Penetration. Bargain Hunter remains to be a great pick for her as well to reduce the cost of her equipment, allowing her to get her items quickly as long as you farm diligently. Lastly, you should go with Lethal Ignition as your third emblem talent, which grants her bonus damage whenever she utilises her second skill.

Best Items for Silvanna

Sylvanna Battle Setup MLBB

Silvanna is a magic user, so you should focus on building her magic attack and penetration as early as possible. Crit builds aren’t really optimised for her since her second skill doesn’t really crit. So prioritise equipment that enhances her basic attacks and skills. Go for Arcane Boots and Genius Wand as your first picks to boost her magic attack and penetration. Next, you can consider items like Concentrated Energy for additional sustain, or Feather of Heaven to further boost your basic attacks and give you lifesteal. Lastly, you should pick Holy Crystal and Starlium Scythe for more magic power and Hybrid Lifesteal. In summary, these should be your top picks for your build:

  • Arcane Boots
  • Genius Wand
  • Feather of Heaven
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Starlium Scythe
  • Holy Crystal

Final Thoughts

Silvanna is one of the most unique Fighters in MLBB right now, with her ability to control and manipulate the battlefield using her magic-based skills. She offers a great balance of crowd control, damage, and sustain, making her a flexible and versatile pick for any team composition. While she excels in close-quarter combat and can easily take down squishy targets, she may struggle against tanky opponents with high crowd control abilities. It is crucial to play smart and choose her engagements wisely. Overall, she’s a powerful addition to any team and can greatly contribute to securing kills and controlling team fights.

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