League of Legends Champions We’d Like to See in Arcane Season 2


Arcane League of Legends Season 2
Arcane: League of Legends has captivated audiences worldwide with its masterful storytelling, jaw-dropping design and animation, and meticulous attention to detail. Created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee in collaboration with animation studio Fortiche and Riot Games, the series takes viewers on an enthralling journey centred around the special bond of sisters Vi and Jinx. With an intricately crafted backdrop built from the expansive universe of League of Legends, viewers are left spellbound by the show’s rich narrative, depth, and allure. 

The first season of Arcane left fans craving more, as the thrilling conclusion left us with a cliffhanger that begs the question of what lies ahead. Anticipation for the next season is at an all-time high, and we can’t help but speculate which new League of Legends characters will be introduced and how the story will play out. With that said, here are four League of Legends characters we’d like to see in Season 2. 


LoL Camille
The conflict between Piltover and Zaun is erupting, and Piltover could use Camille’s deep connection with the two cities to de-escalate the situation. Camille is the Principal Intelligencer of Clan Ferros, a Piltovan noble family tasked to keep the peace between the Piltovans and Zaunites. Her vast intelligence network and Hextech-augmented body make her an invaluable asset to Piltover. 


LoL Urgot
With Silco dead, Jinx needs new strong and reliable allies that can help weaken Piltover’s defences.
Urgot, the Dreadnought, is an undeniable force in Zaun. He started a reign of terror when he broke out of the hellish prison mines of the Dredge, and now, together with his followers, he promises to bring justice to Zaunites by destroying Piltover. In this League of Legends short story, we see him being faced with Vi and Caitlyn after bombing a Hextech tower. I wonder if we’ll see this animated. 


LoL Ziggs
I could see Ziggs, a Yordle with a penchant for Hexplosives, being one of Jinx’s close allies. In the lore, Ziggs left his boring life as a lab assistant in Piltover and befriended Jinx. After a night of mischief and explosions, he decided to stay in Zaun with her, terrorizing chem-barons and citizens alike. 


LoL Blitzcrank
Originally created as a mechanical golem to help clean up a chem spill in Zaun, Blitzcrank toiled long and hard in the most dangerous environments until his mechanical body broke down. Luckily, the esteemed inventor Viktor discovered his abandoned body and gave him an Hextech upgrade. Then, Blitzcrank gained sentience, eventually becoming a Zaunite loved by all. Today, he walks the undercity with one goal: to make it a better place for the people of Zaun. 


Arcane: League of Legends will only continue to expand its lore and depth from here on, and with Runeterra’s long and diverse list of Champions, we know we’re getting beautifully written characters with rich backstories to drive the show forward. There’s also so much to explore in Runeterra’s vast world, and we’re so excited to see places like the harsh and frozen Freljord and the great Demacia in the show. 


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