How to Counter Akali in Wild Rift


Akali is one of the hardest Wild Rift champions that many players would instead not pick, as navigating her abilities is more challenging than the game itself. Once you get the hang of her, Akali will dominate the battlefield. Akali perfectly lives up to the nothing-worth-comes-easy notion as she has a lot of abilities that make her one of a kind assassin. She can dash and attack you without seeing where she is coming from, or even attacking her back would not damage her.  

After all these, you may no longer want to take the chance to face Akali on the battlefield. Akali’s abilities still have gaps you can take advantage of to take her down. No champion is too unstoppable to counter, just like Akali. Let’s dive deep into how you can easily take Akali down on the battlefield, even if she is at the peak of her dominance. 

Akali Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you take her down, it is best to know what makes her dominant and what ability gaps you can work around when countering her.


  • Great game sustenance
  • High burst and hybrid damage
  • Versatile champion – can work and peak at any position you put her in. 
  • Highly mobile for escaping death and chasing enemies. 


  • Squishy
  • Weak during the early game
  • Poor crowd control abilities 
  • Vulnerable to vision ward and oracles’ lens

Best Counter Heroes


If in any situation, Akali tries to kill Annie during the game, she can just simply stun Akali as she follows through with a significant damage attack that could quickly kill her in a snap. On top of that, she can equate Akali’s mobility and roaming abilities.


Akshan is the top nemesis champion of Akali in Wild Rift. He can easily take Akali down with his burst damage. One of the things that makes Akshan a perfect counter against Akali is that he can dash onto the tower when Akali tries to use her Skill 3 against him. It allows him to follow through with an attack as Akali’s abilities are cooling down. 


Gangplank’s abilities allow him to drop an explosive barrel that damages nearby enemies in the targeted area. This ability of his counters Akali’s invisibility. When she tries to use this ability, Gangplank can easily expose her undercover by simply dropping his barrel, disrupting her ability effects as he deals damage. Gangplank can quickly kill her with this skill, as Akali lacks HP. 


Aside from Akshan, Zoe sits next to him as the best pick when countering Akali. Only burst damage of Zoe could easily take Akali down without losing a sweat. Zoe’s mischievous personality could easily harass Akali, prohibiting her from farming and asserting herself. 


Akali tends to define the game and dominate it. But Zed is here to beat Akali in her own game. Zed’s shadow abilities allow him to harass Akali, disrupting her game strategy no matter how hard she tries to escape. 

Priority Counter Item Build 

Rod of Ages

  • +60 Ability Power
  • +250 Health
  • +300 Mana

Void Staff

  • +65 Ability Power
  • +40% Magic Penetration


  • +25 Attack Damage
  • +35 Magic Resistance

Counter Tips

  • If you’re unsure about your next gameplay strategy, always bring a pink ward. It inhibits Akali from using her shroud and gaining stealth against you.
  • Take advantage of her weakness during the early game as she becomes more substantial later. Use this phase to kill her as much as you can to prevent her from building her EXP and HP. 
  • Try farming on her team’s jungle to slow down her leveling and increase your damage against her.

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