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Split, a map in VALORANT set in a futuristic, multi-level city in Japan, is a complex and unique map that offers a mix of tight spaces and open areas for players to engage in combat. It is known for its chokepoints and vertical elements, as well as its three main sites – A, B, and C – each having distinct layouts. In addition to navigating the map’s sites, players can also move through the underpass and park area for faster rotations or surprise attacks. 

Despite its strategic possibilities, Split has earned a reputation as one of the most controversial maps in VALORANT due to its heavily defense-sided nature and challenges for attackers. The map’s complexity and uniqueness have made it hard for attacking players to win on this map resulting in its removal from the Competitive and Unrated queues in Episode 5, Act I. But as of early January of this year, Split has returned from the Mirror World with extensive changes that will shake up gameplay and force players to adapt their strategies. 

In this article, we will show you the changes made to the map and which heroes to use in Split to maximize your chances of winning.


A Lobby


An elevated walkway was strategically placed beside the Crown Coffee to provide a unique and scenic route and to give attackers a few more options to consider before attempting entry.

A Main


With the newly added space in this box at A main, the battlefield has been transformed, giving the duelists a chance to make their entry, hold, peek, and patiently wait for the perfect moment to strike, allowing them to defeat their opponents and plant the spike with precision and style.

A Tower


The main change in A tower is that the floor area is perfectly leveled, providing Operator users with a strategic advantage. They can now effortlessly peek into A heaven and take precise headshots, leaving their opponents in awe and confusion.

A Rafters


The old A Rafters have proven to be a formidable obstacle for attackers, as it proves to be almost impossible to overcome, particularly in 1v2 situations. Especially with two opponents lurking simultaneously in the corners at the top and below the ledge!

B Site


In a bold move to level the playing field, the developers have meticulously redesigned B Site, shaving down the corners parallel to the entrance and tilting the walls to give attackers a newfound edge. This strategic change allows them to swiftly check corners, providing a greater chance for entry without being ganked easily and making every round a thrilling battle of wits and skill for both attackers and defenders.

B Tower


Of all the dynamic changes to Split, the alteration made on B Tower stands out as my favorite. Who would have thought it would take six months to remove all the trash and a small trash can beside the metal box? Though it may seem like a joke, that trash has been a constant source of frustration for me holding the mid due to the lack of space. But now, docking beside the metal box has become one of the prime spots to hold and catch the attackers from mid and B Site off guard, elevating the gameplay experience to new heights.

Mid Bottom


The mid-staircase got a lot more exciting with the removal of the ledge. Players will have to think twice before attempting to perform that sneaky crouching jump boost since it can no longer be used to gain an unfair advantage on top of the metal box. Fear not; the developers have also made an exciting change to the platform at the bottom of the staircase. The platform has been raised, making it a perfect spot for attackers to launch into Mid mail and catch their opponents off guard with quick peeks and unexpected flanks.


Split has been one of my favorite maps in VALORANT as it offers many ways and possibilities both for attackers and defenders, especially now with the new improvements and changes in the map, the game is undoubtedly balanced. It is vital to choose the right agent, have good comms, be attentive to cues and signals, avoid rushing, check corners, and take full advantage of the map’s unique geographical features to give your team the upper hand!

Best heroes to use in this map

Sage & Killjoy VALORANT

Split’s layout is a maze of tricks and challenges; choosing the right agent can mean victory or defeat. While Reyna, Raze, and Jett are all solid choices known for their quick and flashy entries, Killjoy and Sage also deserve a spot on your roster. As a Sage main, I know how remarkable she is on this map, a master in defending and attacking. The Balm of Shaanxi can set up walls in Mid Tower to hold or flank, catch her opponents off guard, and with her healing and reviving abilities, she can single-handedly change the game’s tide. On the other hand, Killjoy is an expert in site control and has the best gadget setup for holding a site and preventing enemies from defusing the spike. Together these agents will give you an edge to navigate the tricky layout of Split and come out victorious.

In conclusion, Split has returned to VALORANT with extensive changes that will shake up gameplay and force players to adapt their strategies. It’s a map that rewards players who can think on their feet and make the most of the new opportunities presented by these changes. 

Take your time to explore and learn the changes, Practice, and train in Split. Make the new improvements an excellent time to become a Split Master! And once you feel comfortable and ready, head into the game and dominate the battlefield!

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