Top five easiest fighters to use for beginners in MLBB


MLBB Easiest Fighters to Use

Mobile Legends (MLBB) players who pick fighters engage in close-range combat using offensive and defensive abilities to beat enemies. As the match progresses, Fighters enhance their damage and become deadlier. For beginners eager to try these melee heroes, here are the top five easiest fighters to use in MLBB.


MLBB Balmond

Admit it or not, Balmond is a perennial poster boy in MLBB. He is one of the most effective and easiest fighters for beginners. The Bloody Beast can deal huge damage even against multiple enemies, thanks to his easy-to-understand passive that heals him when he kills minions and opponents. His second skill is user-friendly, has a short cooldown, can harass slow-moving targets, and is handy because of its continuous damage (increases damage the more it hits a target). Balmond can also clear minion waves faster than others.

Why is Balmond suitable for beginners? He doesn’t use mana, can heal himself, and has a short cooldown for his second skill. Moreover, you can get Balmond for only 6500 Battle Points (BP).



Bane has seen quite a resurgence that had fans thrilled! The Frozen King is an excellent pick because he remains strong from early to late game, giving newbies a better chance to stand their ground while leveling up. His first skill has a long-range effect, while his second provides healing and movement speed. Bane’s Ultimate, Deadly Catch, serves more purposes: it can take down enemies, destroy turrets, and push back foes and escape.

Why is Bane suitable for beginners? Bane is an excellent fighter for MLBB newbies because his skill set gives the user multi-purpose damage and healing to survive longer in the match.


MLBB Dyrroth

The Prince of the Abyss currently sits in the top 10 most popular heroes in MLBB as more players continue to utilize him for the fighter role. For beginners, Dyrroth’s skills are easy to understand. His passive is user-friendly and provides both buff and healing, helping the user to last longer during fights. Dyrroth can also deal insane burst damage and reduce the physical defense of his targets.

Why is Dyrroth suitable for beginners? Dyrroth has excellent burst damage that allows him to dominate early in the game. He also possesses impressive HP regen, high mobility, and durability to help beginners survive extended clashes.


MLBB Badang

Badang is another great fighter who is a good fit for novice users. With patience and practice, new players can live up to Badang’s famous line: “No one can escape my iron fist.”, mainly because of his lethal skill combos. The Tribal Warrior has excellent Burst and DPS damage and can trap enemies by summoning a wall with his second skill. Badang can also clear jungle creeps fast to help him level up.

Why is Badang suitable for beginners? New players will find Badang a good pick for the fighter role with his great Burst and DPS damage. He is easy to use and is reliable on defense with his crowd control abilities.


MLBB Aulus

Rounding up our list of the easiest fighters for beginners is Aulus, the wielder of the legendary War Axe. The Warrior of Ferocity can deal serious damage and is a good initiator for the team. Aulus is a good pick for the fighter position since he can be a difficult matchup both in offense and defense. Moreover, he has excellent mobility to help capture and flee enemies. Aulus’s skills are easy to use for new users and don’t require complicated combos to be effective in battle.

Why is Aulus suitable for beginners? Aulus has a low difficulty of use and does not require complex combos. He is a total package with excellent mobility, crowd control, and high damage.

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