PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M19 Details


Boiling Blood PUBGM

The PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M19: Boiling Blood is now live, offering players a new season of rewards and challenges to unlock. The M19 Royale Pass, which runs from January 17 to February 16, 2023, allows players to earn exclusive items and perks by leveling up. The M19 Royale Pass brings exciting content to the game, such as new weapon mechanisms and a vibrant battle pass theme. Players who purchase the Royale Pass will have access to various exclusive items and features, including new skins and weapons.

List of rewards

Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus

Elite Plus Pass

Boiling Blood allows players to access exclusive rewards and perks by purchasing the Elite Pass for just 360UC. But for those who want more, the Elite Pass Plus offers all the inclusions of the Elite Pass, plus additional bonuses. Players who purchase the Elite Pass Plus will gain 12 ranks immediately, all for just 960UC.

List of M19 Royale Pass rewards

DragonFlame Berserker Set PUBGM
Royale Pass PUBGM

  • RP 1 – Venerable Assassin Set (F), Ancient Tech – VSS
  • RP 5 – Venerable Assassin Cover
  • RP 10 – Minimalist Tech Helmet
  • RP 15 – Draw Circle Emote (Free), RP Avatar M19, Evil Glare Ornament
  • RP 20 – Fighter Duo Parachute (Free), Bloody Amber Grenade (with eliminate message)
  • RP 25 – Fishing Master Set, RP Badge M19
  • RP 30 – Malevolent Spirit Plane Finish, Dragonflame Berserker Emote
  • RP 35 – Octograffiti – SLR skin (Free), RP Badge M19
  • RP 40 – Skeletal Bloodbath – AKM skin
  • RP 50 – Dragonflame Berserker Set

M19 Royale Pass Royale Adventure rewards

  • Royal Guard Set
  • Ancient Tech – UMP45 skin

Purchase Bonus of M19 RP

  • Dynamic Rhythm – DBS skin
  • Fistfight Maiden Set

Gun Skins
Upgraded Pass PUBGM

  • Ancient Tech-UMP45
  • Skeletal Bloodbath-AKM
  • Ancient Tech-VSS
  • Octograffiti-SLR

Jackpot Preview Female PUBGM
Jackpot Preview Male PUBGM

The Dragonflame Berserker Set is one of the most sought-after rewards in the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M19: Boiling Blood. This exclusive set includes a Dragonflame Berserker outfit, a Dragonflame Berserker helmet, and a Dragonflaw`me Berserker backpack. To get the set, players will need to reach RP level 50. Additionally, players can earn other rewards by leveling up in the M19 Royale Pass, such as weapon skins, emotes, avatars, and other cosmetic items. To maximize your chances of getting these rewards, you can complete daily and weekly missions, participate in events, and purchase RP points to level up faster. The M19 Royale Pass is an exciting opportunity to earn unique rewards, so don’t miss out!

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