MLBB Saint Seiya Event: How To Get and Why You Should Get the Skins



The popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is out with another collaboration skin set courtesy of the popular Japanese anime, Saint Seiya. Released on October 24, the skin set features two versions of skins for Badang, Chou, and Valir for a total of six skins. But before we go to the specific details of the skins included in the MLBB X Saint Seiya collaboration event, I will give a crash course on what Saint Seiya is.

Saint Seiya: A Legendary Anime

Released as a manga and anime series in 1986, Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, as it is officially named, is one of the most successful anime franchises in Japan and North America. Heavily inspired by Greek legends and mythology, the characters and plot revolve around Seiya and the five Saints who fight for the goddess Athena against Hades. Some of the costumes of the five Saints are featured in the MLBB collaboration event. 

MLBB X Saint Seiya Skins and How to Get Them

ML x Saint Seiya

The Saint Seiya skins are obtainable through a draw event that runs from October 24 to November 23. Each draw is worth 100 (1x draw) or 1000 (10x draw) Diamonds with a 50% discount on the first draw (either 1x or 10x) for each day. Players can also complete tasks to get Tokens of Zodiac in the Saint Seiya Training Event which can also be used for the draw. 

A total of six skins are available in Blue Saint and Gold Saint variants for Badang, Chou, and Valir. Here are the skins for the selected heroes.

Hero Blue Saint Skin Gold Saint Skin
Badang Pegasus Seiya Sagittarius Seiya
Chou Dragon Shiryu Libra Shiryu
Valir Phoenix Ikki Leo Ikki

For the first 10 draws, Badang’s Pegasus Seiya skin is guaranteed. To obtain the other skins, you can receive a Badge of Victory through duplicate item(s) in the draw. The badges can also be exchanged for exclusive recalls, spawns, and kill animations. The conversion ratio for duplicate items is as follows:

Item Badges of Victory converted
Saint Seiya Skin 360
Recall Effect 90
Elimination Effect 45
Killing Notification 68
Avatar Border 30

For the Gold Saint skins, players will have to obtain 1,200 Badges of Victory for a guaranteed skin or try their luck in the draw. However, Phoenix Ikki and Dragon Shiryu can be purchased for 1288 Diamonds each and will be available through the in-game shop starting October 27 (Phoenix Ikki) and November 3 (Dragon Shiryu).

Reasons to Get the Saint Seiya Skins

Anime and MLBB fans will love the design of the Saint Seiya skin set. It particularly matches the look of the selected MLBB heroes. The additional animations to the eliminations and recall effect capture the spirit of the Saint Seiya franchise. Even if you’re not familiar with the anime, the overall aesthetic of the skins and the animations are definitely a visual treat. Not to mention, it is also reasonably priced for a franchise so well-known around the world. I am looking forward to getting the Gold Saint skins, especially the Sagittarius Seiya skin for Badang. He looks closer to the main protagonist of the anime, Seiya.

You can top up MLBB Diamonds at Codashop and draw for the Saint Seiya skins. No registration is required. Just provide your user ID and zone ID plus the amount of MLBB Diamonds you wish to purchase. It’s safe, convenient, and secure.



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