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LOL ADC GuideThe life of an ADC or Attack Damage Carry in LOL is a long and complicated road. While solo and mid-laners are more on the independent side of the roles, an ADC player in the bot lane relies heavily on working with a partner to bring out their potential. As an ADC, you’re practically the main source of damage for the team, and you’re responsible for farming minions, harassing your opponents, and positioning yourself well during team fights, all while building your kit and making sure you always out-damage your opponents. Sounds a little overwhelming, right? Well, have no fear – this guide will give you all the necessary tips and tricks to master the ADC role in League of Legends. 

This guide will teach you the basics of ADC play and give you tips on how to become a better ADC. We will go over the different strategies for laning and team fighting as well as the best champions to pick, depending on your playstyle. With this guide, you’ll be ready to take on any opposition and become a master ADC. So let’s get started!

The Roles and Responsibilities of an ADC Player

The ADC role is all about dealing as much damage as possible while staying safe. The biggest crime you can commit as an ADC is engaging in unnecessary fights and getting killed in the process. This can be quite detrimental to the growth of your champion and your team’s chances of winning the game. So, it’s important to survive and get as much gold and experience as possible.

The main responsibilities of an ADC are:

Farming: Farming is one of the most important aspects of playing ADC. You need to make sure that you are consistently farming minions to get gold and experience.

Harassing: Harassing your opponents is another important part of playing ADC. You need to be able to harass your opponents while still staying safe from any counter-engagements.

Positioning: Positioning is key when playing ADC. You need to make sure that you are in the right spot during team fights to maximise your damage output.

Itemisation: Itemisation is the most important aspect of ADC play. You will need to choose the best items for your champion in order to maximise your damage output.

Kiting: Kiting is an important skill for ADC players. You will need to be able to kite your opponents in team fights in order to stay safe and maximise your damage output.

Dealing Damage: Dealing damage is the primary objective of an ADC. You need to be able to focus on dealing as much damage as possible to the enemy team. Aim for high-priority targets such as the enemy ADC and mid-laner. 

Becoming a Great ADC Player

In order to become a great ADC player, you need to focus on perfecting your positioning, kiting, and damage-dealing skills. You also need to have good communication and teamwork with your team, as well as a good understanding of the game. Here are some tips to help you become a reliable and formidable ADC player for your team.

Trading in Lane

Trading auto attacks is a key part of laning in the bot lane. To be successful in this, it’s important to grasp the concept of auto attack range. The bigger the difference in auto attack range between two champions, the less likely the other champion is to respond with their own auto attacks. With this in mind, champions with a greater range will have a much easier time controlling the lane.

When it comes to trading, the goal is to out-trade your opponent while also protecting your own health. Positioning is also key to laning as an ADC. You need to be aware of your opponent’s movements and be able to position yourself in a way that minimises the risk of being ganked or focused by the enemy team. You should also be aware of your own team’s movements and position yourself in a way that maximises your damage output.

Warding Basics

Warding is one of the most important aspects of playing League of Legends. By warding, you can gain vision of key areas of the map and have a better understanding of the enemy team’s movements and plans. For an ADC, this is a critical part of the laning phase. By warding around your lane, you can be aware of ganks and be able to react accordingly. When warding, it’s essential to place wards in areas that give the most vision while also being safe from being destroyed by the enemy team. 

Ideally, you should place wards on the tri-brush and river brush in the bot lane. These two placements will give you the most vision and help you understand your opponents’ movements. Control wards on your side of the map will not only benefit you but also your jungler, who can use the vision to gank or invade the enemy team. 

Minion Management

As most players know, minions come in waves and understanding how to manage them can give you a huge advantage in the laning phase. As your team’s ADC, it’s important for you to understand how to last-hit minions and deny your opponent’s farm. Last hitting is an important skill to master and can be done by timing your auto-attacks to land on the minion at the exact time it takes the least damage. This will give you gold while denying your opponent. 

You should also make it a priority to reach level 2 in the early game as soon as you can. Reaching level 2 before the opposing team can be a huge advantage in bot lane. To do this, your team needs to kill the entire first wave of minions and then the three melee minions on the next wave. This gives both champions enough experience to reach level 2 at the same time. Doing so grants your lane access to more spells than the enemy, which can lead to a successful all-in or advantageous trade. You must also remember to not leave your turret unattended with minions, or you risk being pushed in, losing last hits, and potentially giving up a kill.

Engaging Enemies

When engaging enemies, it’s important to understand your positioning and the positioning of your enemies. As the ADC, you are typically the furthest back in the fight, so you should stay behind your team and do not overextend. You should always be aware of where your team is and how far away the enemies are. This will help you stay safe and avoid taking unnecessary damage.

When you are ready to engage, remember that you do not need to be the one to initiate. You can wait for your team to initiate and then follow up with your abilities. This will allow you to maximise your damage output on the enemy team and minimise the risk of you getting caught out of position.

Finally, it’s important to remember that you are the primary damage dealer on your team. You should be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to engage the enemy. Do not be aggressive and overextend, as this can easily lead to your death. Instead, wait for your team to create an opening for you to attack and then unleash your full potential.

Champion Picks for ADC

Of course, one of the most important decisions you have to make as an ADC player is to decide which champion to play. The best champions to choose are those that are able to deal high amounts of damage while still being able to survive in team fights. There are many great choices for this, so let’s break them down and categorise them for easier decision-making.

Utility Marksman Champions

Jhin LOL

These types of champions are renowned for their ability to not only deal high amounts of damage but also provide utility to the team. Most of them don’t really need that many items to dish out an insane amount of damage because of how high-value their abilities are. However, they’re still quite squishy, just like any other Marksman.

Best Picks: 

Champion ADC Win Rate
Ashe 49.44%
Varus 49.23%
Jhin 50.36%


All-In Marksman Champions


These are do or die champions who will often go for the highest possible damage output at all times. They tend to rely on a full set of combo attacks to melt enemies and can often be found pushing up the lane with reckless abandon. They usually require quite a bit of gold and items to be effective and can be easily killed if caught off guard. They have a higher risk of dying due to their lack of utility, so they need a lot of items and a lot of support to be effective in battle.

Best Picks:

Champion ADC Win Rate
Miss Fortune 49.82%
Kindred 46.38%
Ezreal 48.51%


Hypercarry Marksman Champions

Twitch LOL

Now for the late-game types of champions, you need to pick someone who specialises in dealing high amounts of sustained damage, to make sure you always secure your kills and take the win during team fights. These champions are designed to be really powerful late game, as their kit allows them to deal huge amounts of damage with little to no effort. They are usually really expensive to build up and require a lot of gold and experience to be truly effective. You’ll need help from a dedicated support champion and even your entire team to play Hyper Marksman so you can build your kit as fast as possible.

Best Picks:

Champion ADC Win Rate
Caitlyn 49.45%
Twitch 51.66%
Vayne 47.86%
Draven 50.35%


Melee Damagers

Tryndamere LOL

If you want to play something a bit unorthodox that provides a unique challenge, you can always play as a Melee ADC champion. Now there are very few of these champions that you can effectively utilise as an ADC, but mastering them can give you an edge over your opponents. Melee champions rely heavily on their ability to close gaps, and dodge enemy attacks, so you’ll need to be especially quick and agile to make the most of your champion.

Best Picks:

Champion ADC Win Rate
Yasuo 50.29%
Nilah 51.83%
Tryndamere 48.1%


Attack Power Carry (APC)

Akali LOL

An APC or Attack Power Carry works by utilising the abilities of a Mage champion to dish out heavy damage. They are extremely powerful in the late game but require some practice and skill to master. The best APCs can quickly burst down enemies with their abilities, but they also need to be able to survive being attacked by enemy champions. You’ll need to be able to weave in and out of fights and know when to use your abilities to maximise your damage output.

Best Picks:

Champion ADC Win Rate
Syndra 46.6%
Vel’Koz 50.76%
Seraphine 54.26%


Choosing to be an ADC player is a huge commitment, and a lot of practice and dedication are required to become a great ADC player. With the right champion in your hands and the most suitable items to back it up, an ADC player can easily become an unstoppable force in any game.

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