Tips and Tricks on How to Counter Yone in Wild Rift


Wild Rift Yone Counters

Yone is one of the most powerful and versatile champions in the current roster of League of Legends: Wild Rift. He can be seen in almost every game, either on the enemy team or in your team. But he can be a nightmare if your team is not prepared to deal with him.

Understanding Yone’s Abilities and How to Counter Them

Yone is a powerful duelist and fighter who excels in 1v1 battles. He has strong wave clear, mobility, and damage. In terms of positioning, Yone is best played in the mid-lane, where he can take advantage of his strong early game and snowball into a formidable late-game threat.

If you’re more of a roamer and you want to push objectives and help your teammates along the way, you can also utilise Yone as a split pusher, roaming around the map to create pressure and pick off stragglers. While Yone isn’t insane amounts of damage in a single blow, he is capable of taking down most of his targets due to his hybrid damage and fluid combos.

Yone Loadout Wild Rift

Best and Worst Picks to Play Against Yone

If you’re up against Yone, you’ll want to pick a champion that can withstand his burst damage and outplay him in the early game. It also helps to pick champions who can kite effectively or poke him down.

Best Picks:

Ahri – Ahri’s long range and mobility make her an excellent counter to Yone, as she can easily dodge his abilities and burst him down with her own. Her ability to sustain in fights and keep her distance also makes her a great pick against Yone.

Orianna – Orianna is a great pick against Yone due to her Dissonance skill, which allows her to slow enemies and gain a movement speed boost. By timing it right, you can easily dodge Yone’s ult and turn the fight in your favour.

Worst Picks:

Fizz – Fizz is a very weak pick against Yone due to his lack of range and mobility. Yone is able to easily dash in and out of fights, making it difficult for Fizz to land his abilities. Additionally, Fizz is very squishy and can easily be burst down by Yone’s abilities.

Jhin – Jhin is also quite squishy and immobile, making him an easy target for Yone. It’s also difficult for Jhin to escape Yone’s Ultimate, as it has quite a decent range.

Effective Strategies to Outplay Yone

The key to countering Yone is understanding his abilities and playing around them. By knowing what to expect from Yone and how to respond to his abilities, you can turn the tables and take the game back in your favour.

Yone Mid Lane Wild Rift

1. Buy Movement Speed Items

Yone has a lot of mobility, so it’s important to buy movement speed items to keep up with him and make it easier to dodge his abilities. Buy items such as Boots of Swiftness or Ionian Boots of Lucidity to reduce the amount of time it takes to get to him.

2. Play Aggressively

Yone is at his weakest during the early game, so it’s important to play aggressively against him. Try to get an early lead by taking objectives and securing kills.

3. Buy Magic Resistance

Yone deals hybrid damage thanks to his passive Way of the Hunter. So, it’s important to buy magic resistance to counter him. Buy items such as Abyssal Mask or Spirit Visage to reduce the amount of damage he can deal.

4. Play Around Your Team

Yone is a very powerful champion, but he can be easily shut down by an organised team. Make sure to coordinate with your team and focus on team fights instead of duelling Yone. Use your team’s crowd control to keep him from engaging and pick him off from a distance.

Yone can be quite a handful to deal with due to his string of combos that deal devastating damage. His hybrid attacks, paired with extreme mobility, make him quite a force to be reckoned with. But just like any other champion, Yone can be countered and shut down if you know how to play around him. With the right items, team coordination, and positioning, you can shut down Yone and take control of the game.

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