Genshin Impact Rukkashava Mushroom Farming Guide


Genshin Impact Rukkashava Mushroom Cover

Whether you’re looking to ascend the mysterious Wanderer and the sunny and enthusiastic Collei or just in it for the fun of collecting materials, knowing how to use and farm Rukkashava mushrooms is an invaluable skill for any Traveler. Lucky for you, today’s Forest Patrol Route has a large concentration of them! Put on your Forest Ranger hat, Traveler, and let’s get ready.

Here’s how you can farm Rukkashava Mushrooms

Genshin Impact Rukkashava Details

They’re a lot easier to hunt if you know where to look, so before we set out, let me acquaint you with this Local Specialty from Sumeru. Rukkashava mushrooms are fungi growing primarily on trees deep within the rainforest. They have a blue colour and develop many layers. These mushrooms are tricky to find because they mostly grow in high places, escaping your line of sight. Experienced Travelers survey locations first from a high waypoint.

Tighnari’s Passive, Encyclopedic Knowledge, which displays the location of Sumeru’s local resources in the mini-map, also helps big time. Bring him out if you have him, and let’s go to our first spot.

Mawtiyima Forest

Genshin Impact Mawtiyima Forest Locations

Most Rukkashava mushrooms in the forest’s northern part are under the giant trees’ blue mushroom-like caps. Unlock the four-leaf sigils in the area so you can glide from tree to tree faster. The southern cluster is mainly on the ground and is easy to pick up. Just be careful because there’s a mob of Electro Slimes and an Electro Abyss Mage guarding the place.

Devantaka Mountain

Genshin Impact Devantaka Mountain Locations

Look for the cave entrance located near the Ruin Golem. Devantaka’s Rukkashava mushrooms are all underground, and you can find them sitting in the giant tree branches linking the cave’s rock formations. Convenient four-leaf sigils are scattered in this cave, making for a smooth run.

Apam Woods

Genshin Impact Apam Woods Locations

Apam Woods’ north-western and eastern clusters are located in towering tree trunks. Start from the highest branch and glide down slowly while you look for more mushrooms. The southwest cluster is underground and can be accessed through a hidden cave entrance near the Tower of Abject Pride domain.


Genshin Impact Vanarana Locations

Vanarana’s mushrooms are too far apart, and it’s best to farm the first three locations every 48 hours unless you’re just missing the last bunch for ascension. Teleport to the east waypoint and climb up the hollowed log to find two mushrooms. Face west, and you’ll find a cave entrance. Follow the trail, and you’ll find one more near the end. There’s also one directly below the Jadeplume Terrorshroom’s platform.

Rukkashava Mushroom shops

You can also visit Aramani from Varanara and Ashpazi from Gandharva Ville to buy Rukkashava Mushrooms for 1,000 Mora each. Their stocks refresh every three days, and you can buy five from each of them.

Genshin Impact Aramani Shop
Genshin Impact Ashpazi Shop

Items you can craft with Rukkashava Mushrooms

Genshin Impact Dendroculus Resonance Stone

Mushroom Hodgepodge

An Aranara-style dish prepared by the best travel companion ever, Paimon! Use it to increase all party members’ DEF by 88/107/126 for 300 seconds. 

Forest Watcher’s Choice

Tighnari’s *tastier* version of Paimon’s Mushroom Hodgepodge. (Don’t let Paimon know) Ingredients were carefully handpicked by the head Forest Watcher himself. Raises all team members DEF by 151 for 300 seconds. 

Potato Boat

If you’ve followed the story of our favourite foodie trio, the Gourmet Supremos, in Sumeru, you’ve probably already unlocked the recipe for Potato Boat. This savoury combo of potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, and Rukkhashava mushrooms restores up to 1,500 HP depending on quality. 

Tandoori Roast Chicken

The Tandoori Roast Chicken recipe is another reward for completing The Gourmet Supremos: Cleanup quest. Use it to increase all party members’ ATK by up to 320 and Crit Rate by up to 10% for 300 seconds. 

Dendroculus Resonance Stone

Resonance stones are a godsend for Travelers who missed a couple of Dendroculi while exploring Sumeru. Use 5 Nilotpala Lotuses, 5 Rukkashava Mushrooms, 1 Crystal Chunk, and 500 Mora to craft one of these and max your Statue of the Seven. 

Characters that use Rukkashava Mushroom for Ascension

Genshin Impact Wanderer and Collei

As of this writing, Collei and Wanderer are the only characters who use Rukkashava mushrooms for Ascension levelling. You’ll need 168 pieces for each of them. Happy farming, Traveler! 

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