Build The Best Farm Ever: Hay Day Beginner’s Guide


Hay Day Beginner's GuideEmbrace the farm life with Hay Day: a mobile farming simulation game by Supercell! In this beginner’s guide, Codashop aims to help you establish a strong foundation to make the best farm ever. We’ll cover everything from harvesting your first rice grains to building a profitable farm and taking advantage of the in-game economy. Ready, farmer? Put those overalls on, and let’s get farming!  

Getting Started with Hay Day

In Hay Day, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. This casual farming simulator will require players to grow a farm. An initial setup process will help players to select a unique farm name, how to plant your first crops, and how to harvest your first rice grains.

Players will start with a small patch of land that they can gradually expand by unlocking new areas, planting different crops, and caring for farm animals like chickens, cows, and pigs. The harvested crops can be sold to other players or used to produce goods like bread, animal feed, and dairy products. Players can fulfill orders from trucks, boats, and town visitors to earn coins and experience points. 

Understanding the Farming Basics

At the core of Hay Day lies the joy of tending to your farm, and learning to farm efficiently is essential for your success. Here are a few tips to keep your farm running smoothly:

  • Start planting crops like wheat and corn. As they grow, you can harvest them for resources. 
  • Remember to keep your animals happy and well-fed, they produce goods like eggs and milk. 
  • Regularly check your farm for ripe crops and gather resources to keep the production active. 
  • Efficient resource management and optimizing your farm layout will go a long way in maximizing your productivity. Always plan by checking what features you will unlock next.

Building a Thriving Farm

Players can unlock different Animal Homes and Production Buildings to enhance their farming capabilities. Invest your resources wisely to grow your farm and utilize your expanding land strategically to create an efficient and visually pleasing farm layout. Later, you can upgrade buildings to increase efficiency, producing goods faster and generating higher profits. 

To begin farming, prioritize the following:

  • Production Buildings: Build a Feed Mill to produce Chicken and Cow Feeds with Wheat, Corn, and Soybeans. 
  • Animal Homes: Build a Chicken Coop and a Cow Pasture and regularly feed your chickens and cows to produce eggs and milk. 

Eggs and milk can be sold to visiting NPCs or used to fulfill orders on your bulletin board. 

Leveraging Hay Day’s In-Game Economy 

Hay Day’s in-game economy revolves around Coins, Diamonds, and other valuable resources. Coins are the primary currency for purchasing items, upgrading structures, and completing various tasks. Diamonds are the premium currency and can be acquired through gameplay or Codashop’s safe and quick payment options. 

Focus on earning Coins by selling goods to visitors, fulfilling truck and boat orders, and participating in events. You can also use Diamonds to speed up processes. 

Advancing and Unlocking New Features

Hay Day offers a variety of activities beyond traditional farming. As you level up, new features and areas of the game will become available. At Experience Level 34, you will unlock the town, where you can interact with non-playable characters and fulfill orders to earn rewards. You can fish to catch different species or venture into the mine to excavate ores and precious metals. Each new feature adds depth and diversity to your gameplay experience, so check them out!

Tips and Tricks

Following these tips and tricks can help you go a long way in your Hay Day journey:

  • Efficient time management is crucial; plan your farming activities and prioritize tasks accordingly. 
  • Utilize the roadside shop to sell excess goods and earn extra coins. 
  • Complete boat orders by ensuring you have the required resources ready. Participate actively in neighborhood events and cooperate with other players to reap the rewards and build a thriving community. 
  • Stay updated with game announcements and events to take advantage of limited-time opportunities. 

Discover ways to build a beautiful farm

Always remember that farming in Hay Day is a continuous learning process, and there’s always more to discover. Apply the strategies and tips shared in this guide to build a prosperous and beautiful farm and top up with Codashop to boost your progress further. Happy farming! 



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