Ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX


Free Fire MAX how to get free diamonds

Diamonds in Free Fire MAX play an essential role for players. As the premium in-game currency, diamonds enable players to obtain more items than when using Coins. However, diamonds are much more difficult to earn. As new items are released from time to time, diamonds become in demand to attain them. 

Generally, players can earn diamonds by spending real-life money. But, as not all are keen on purchasing, there are several ways to obtain Free Fire MAX diamonds without spending a single penny! Here’s how.

Redeem Codes

Redeem codes, on any platform, are everyone’s best friend. Redeem codes in Free Fire MAX helps players get premium and unique in-game items. Redeem codes are composed of 12-16 characters (a combination of letters and numbers) which can be retrieved on the official Free Fire Redemption Site. You may check out the step-by-step guide on how to use this Free Fire Redemption Site.

Note that these unique items are generally released occasionally and can be exclusive to specific occasions. Players stand a chance to get exciting rewards, including free diamonds. Redeem codes are also region-specific and cannot be utilized globally.

Advance Server

Free Fire releases the Advance Server before a particular update to enable players to enjoy the features while evaluating their experience. It can serve as a great source of diamonds for players who can point out bugs or glitches to help improve the gameplay experience.

To utilize this method, players must report bugs found on the official Advance Server website and state the complete details regarding the issue. If you become the main contributor to the unknown bug, you will receive 1000 diamonds free! But before anything else, register to get the Advance Server Activation Code

Google Opinion Rewards

Lastly, there’s Google Opinion Rewards. Answering brief surveys allows players to earn Google Play Credit which can be used to make in-app purchases later. Users need to download the app, create a profile, and answer the survey questions. Just be patient, and you can collect enough credits to help you buy diamonds at a cheaper cost when you use the Special Airdrop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always be careful when trying out third-party platforms and other means to redeem free items to avoid getting banned from playing Free Fire MAX. Always observe safe gaming practices to enjoy the game.



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