Genshin Impact Mika Build and Team Guide


Genshin Impact Mika Build and Team Guide

The latest banners bring a new 4-star character that can be added to your collection. Mika Schmidt, the frontline surveyor of the Knights of Favonius’ Reconnaissance Company and Huffman’s younger brother, has been introduced as a new 4-star character in the featured banners of Ayaka and Shenhe. If you’re looking to enhance the damage output of your Physical DMG characters, you may want to try your luck and hope to add Mika to your party on your next pull!

Genshin Impact Shenhe Banner

Mika Spotlight

Mika is a support character that excels at boosting and healing teams with Physical characters, particularly Eula and Razor. As a Cryo character, he can also trigger the Superconduct reaction with Electro, decreasing Physical Resistance by 40%. Nonetheless, Mika’s Cryo application is limited, which may hinder his ability to catalyze reactions effectively. It’s recommended to include at least one more Cryo character in your team.

To ensure that Mika’s Elemental Burst remains active, it is necessary to aim for a high amount of Energy Recharge. A minimum of 200% is recommended, but if you are running triple Cryo or double Cryo, a 180% may suffice.


Normal Attack: Spear of Favonius – Arrow’s Passage

Mika’s Normal Attack is considered the weakest aspect of his kit and may not require levelling at all. It involves five consecutive strikes using a combination of his equipped polearm and crossbow. The sole purpose of using Normal Attack is to trigger Favonius Spear and generate additional energy.

Elemental Skill: Starfrost Swirl

Mika’s TAP fires a crossbow shot, granting an ATK speed buff to the party, while HOLD aims for an area of effect and deals damage. In addition to generating particles and occasionally applying Cryo, this talent provides the highest teamwide ATK speed buff in the game, making it crucial to level up before other talents. For maximum effectiveness, it’s recommended to hold the Skill to take advantage of Mika’s First Ascension Passive.

Elemental Burst: Skyfeather Song

Mika’s Burst ability provides a significant amount of healing to the entire team upon activation. Additionally, for the duration of the Burst, six smaller healing bursts will be applied over a 15-second period.

This talent has no other unique effects, making it useful primarily for its healing properties. However, the amount of healing required can vary depending on each player’s playstyle and preferences. Therefore, while it is recommended to level up this talent, the extent of leveling should be based on personal preferences.

Genshin Impact Mika Skill

1st Ascension Passive: Suppressive Barrage

With this Passive, Mika’s Skill enables the team to acquire up to three stacks of 10% Physical Damage bonus, which lasts throughout the Skill’s duration. To obtain the maximum number of stacks, it is advised to use the Hold version of the Skill.

The number of stacks gained increases with every additional enemy hit by the Skill, and the second hit from the held Skill creates more chances to gain stacks for each enemy hit.

4th Ascension Passive: Topographical Mapping

This talent, unlocked at Mika’s Fourth Ascension, increases the maximum number of stacks from his First Ascension Passive to four total stacks, providing a 40% Physical DMG bonus. This is roughly equivalent to having a second Physical Goblet on all of your characters, making it a significant boost to your team’s Physical DMG output.

Furthermore, when teammates affected by Mika’s Skill score critical hits, up to one total stack can be gained. This provides an additional opportunity to gain stacks and increase your team’s damage potential.

Utility Passive: Demarcation

When Mika is present in the party, the mini-map will display the location of unique Mondstadt items when they are in close proximity. This feature simplifies the process of finding ascension materials for characters hailing from Mondstadt.

Ascension Materials

Here are the materials you would need if you aim to raise Mika up to level 90:

  • Shivada Jade Sliver x 1
  • Shivada Jade Fragment x 9
  • Shivada Jade Chunk x 9
  • Shivada Jade Gemstone x 6
  • Recruit’s Insignia x 18
  • Sergeant’s Insignia x 30
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia x 36
  • Wolfhook x 168
  • Pseudo-Stamens x 46

Talent Materials

Here are the materials you need to farm if you want to triple-crown Mika:

  • Recruit’s Insignia x 18
  • Sergeant’s Insignia x 66
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia x 93
  • Teachings of Ballad x 9
  • Guide to Ballad x 63
  • Philosophies of Ballad x 114
  • Mirror of Mushin x 18
  • Crown of Insight x 3

Pros & Cons


  • Mika is a versatile support character who can buff physical damage and heal the team.
  • He can also increase the team’s attack speed, which can be valuable in battles.
  • His healing abilities are not limited to a small area, making them more flexible.


  • Mika’s personal damage output is minimal.
  • Many of his additional bonuses are only available through his constellations.
  • Maintaining a consistent rotation with Mika requires a significant amount of energy.
  • His physical damage buff is most effective against multiple enemies.
  • His Cryo application is limited to his Elemental Skill.

Mika Best Build & Weapon

Support Build

Favonius Lance

  • 4-Star Polearm
  • The importance of Favonius weapons cannot be overstated, particularly for support characters. They’re often the top weapon choice since they lower the Energy Recharge requirements for the entire team. The higher the team’s Energy Recharge requirement, the greater the reduction. You can expect anywhere from a 10-20% decrease for each party member. To ensure consistent energy generation, it’s recommended that Mika has at least 30% CRIT Rate.

Prototype Starglitter

  • 3-Star Polearm
  • Mika doesn’t benefit much from this passive, but the weapon’s high Energy Recharge stat makes it a great option for him. Plus, the added bonus of increased damage on Normal and Charged Attacks after using an Elemental Skill (8-16% depending on refinement level) is a nice bonus.

Black Tassel

  • 3-Star Polearm
  • If Mika doesn’t require much energy (e.g. due to C4), this can be a good alternative to using Starglitter. It’s obtainable at any point in the game, and provides an additional boost to Mika’s healing by increasing his HP.

Best Artifacts

Support Build

Noblesse Oblige (4-pc. set)

  • Most support characters prefer using the Noblesse Oblige set. However, keep in mind that the 4-piece buff of this set does not stack, so it is recommended to have only one character using the 4-piece set bonus in a team.

Tenacity of the Millelith (4-pc. set)

  • Use this skill if you want to prioritize reaching Mika’s ceiling HP and want to bank on his skill. Remember, he scales off of HP.

Ocean-Hued Clam (4-pc. set)

  • Mika’s burst can deal a maximum of 27,000 damage every 3 seconds, but it’s not practical to rely on this for consistent damage output due to Mika’s limited healing capabilities. He is better suited as a support for excessive healers like Qiqi and Kokomi. However, this burst damage can be boosted by Superconduct reactions.

Artifact Stat Priority


  • Main: Flat HP
  • Sub: HP% / Energy Recharge / CRIT Rate


  • Main: Flat ATK
  • Sub: HP% / Flat HP / Energy Recharge / CRIT Rate


  • Main: HP%
  • Sub: Energy Recharge / Flat HP / CRIT Rate


  • Main: HP%
  • Sub: Energy Recharge / Flat HP / CRIT Rate


  • Main: HP%
  • Sub: Energy Recharge / Flat HP / CRIT Rate

Best Team Comp

We have curated some team composition recommendations featuring Mika that cater to different budget levels, from teams with 5-star characters to those that are more F2P-friendly.

Premium Team for Mika

In this team composition, Eula is the primary DPS. Raiden will occasionally deal Electro damage, which will trigger Superconduct. Zhongli’s role is to provide protection to the active character with a shield that can lower the Elemental and Physical resistance of nearby foes, and also offer resistance to interruption. Mika, on the other hand, enhances Eula’s damage output through the use of their Elemental Skill and can restore health when necessary. Additionally, Mika can provide extra damage through the use of Ocean Hued Clam.

In this team, Razor will be your main DPS. Zhongli will serve as your shielder, while Rosaria will be your Cryo applicator. As with the other teams, Mika will be your main healer and buffer for Razor, since he is more of a Physical DPS rather than an Electro DPS.

Free-to-Play Friendly Team for Mika

This team is designed around a superconduct-overload-melt strategy, with Kaeya as the main Physical DPS. Lisa’s Burst will lower enemies’ DEF, while Xiangling will provide an additional ATK buff from Guoba’s chili. Mika’s role in this team is to buff and heal, increasing Kaeya’s damage output with her Elemental Skill and restoring HP as needed. This team has a good balance of offensive and defensive abilities, making it well-rounded and capable of handling a variety of situations.

In this team, Razor is your main DPS, Layla is your Cryo applicator and shielder, while Fischl serves as your off-field Electro DPS. This is a really interesting combo because you get to maximize your Physical DPS with Mika’s buff and the Superconduct reaction thanks to Fischl’s skill and Layla’s Skill and Burst.

How to Use Mika

Genshin Impact Mika

In general, it’s recommended to use Mika’s Skill followed immediately by their Burst. This strategy ensures that the character on the field obtains particles from the Skill just as their energy reaches zero, and reduces the amount of time spent on the field waiting for particles to reach Mika. However, if your main DPS is remaining on the field for an extended period to take advantage of Mika’s buffs, it may be necessary to use the Skill and Burst independently as needed.

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