Brawl Stars: Best Brawlers for Beginners


Brawl Stars Best BrawlersWhen you’re starting, you may think that Brawl Stars is an easy game, especially after dominating Solo Showdown games with Shelly’s shotgun and Super Shell back to back. But when you start unlocking new game modes and Brawlers, you’ll find that the game can get very complex, and you’ll need more than just positioning and timing to rack those trophies. 

Don’t get me wrong; Shelly still is a strong, well-rounded Brawler who also performs excellently in the top levels, but it’s always nice to try new Brawlers to help you get to know your playstyle better. If you’re looking to try a new approach to your battles, these 5 Brawlers will give you an edge in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Starr Road

Unlock new Brawlers with the Starr Road

Before we get to the list, let us first familiarize ourselves with The Starr Road—a Brawl Stars reward track wherein players can unlock Brawlers of varying rarities with Credits. Credits can be acquired by completing challenges and quests and progressing the Trophy Road and the Brawl Pass. The Brawlers included in this list are all in the earlier tiers of the Starr Road, making them perfect picks for beginners. Let’s get to the list! 

Best Brawlers for Beginners

Brawl Stars El Primo

El Primo (Rare)

With a whopping 6,000 HP at Level 1 and fast movement speed, El Primo is a great beginner pick if you like confronting your opponents eyeball to eyeball. His high-damage flurries may need a bit of getting used to at first, but his short reach means you can rely on auto-aim and spam punches once your opponents get in range. His Super, Flying Elbow Drop, is great at closing the gap on your opponents and escaping unfavourable fights. When playing as El Primo, it is essential to use the terrain to your advantage. Hiding in bushes or behind walls until enemies are in range is part of his playbook. 

Brawl Stars Jacky

Jacky (Super Rare)

Lining up shots is a skill you need to master if you want to reach the higher end of Brawl Stars’ skill ceiling. With limited attacks, reload times, and moving targets, players should be more careful when shooting their shots. It’s a good thing you don’t have to worry about aiming when playing as Jacky! 

Jacky smashes the ground with her jackhammer and deals damage in a small AOE around her while her Super pulls enemies toward her, setting up more kills. Jacky’s high-impact playstyle makes her a super fun pick, especially on Knockout and Wipeout. 

Brawl Stars Nita

Nita (Rare)

Unlike Shelly, Nita dishes out shockwaves in a straight line with medium range, but she makes up for it with her Super, Overbearing, which summons an enraged bear that hunts down her opponents. This is especially good on Brawl Ball, Heist, and pretty much any team-based game mode, as it gives you an extra team member that deals decent damage. The additional chaos the bear brings to the battlefield also distracts opponents from completing their objectives. 

Brawl Stars Poco

Poco (Rare)

If you’re playing Brawl Stars with friends, considering a support Brawler like Poco is a smart move. Apart from having the ability to regenerate your team’s HP with Encore, Poco is the most beginner-friendly Brawler in this list as his Attack, Power Chord, sends damaging musical notes that spread in a large AOE in front of him. Power Chord’s large AOE almost always connects, making it easy for him to charge his Super. 

Brawl Stars Emz

Emz (Epic)

Emz’s large-AOE hair sprays and damage over time boosts her killing power, making her a threat to any Brawler. Her far-reaching Attack can be used to wear opponents down, and there’s no running when she employs her Super, Caustic Charisma, which creates a toxic cloud around her, slowing down and damaging enemies. If you decide to main her, the Gadgets you unlock at Level 7 give her game-changing utility, with Friendzoner being a great crowd-control tool and Acid Spray making her even deadlier. 

The road to mastery in Brawl Stars may be challenging, but with the right Brawlers in your corner, you’ll be well on your way to claiming victory and amassing trophies. The Brawlers we’ve highlighted in this article provide a fantastic starting point for newcomers, and there’s a Brawler here to suit your style, whether you prefer close-quarters combat or controlling the battlefield. 

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