Garena Free Fire: Best Guns For Rank Push


Ranking up in Garena Free Fire can be difficult. You have to think of ways to survive while also looking for the optimum combination for your weapons. Surviving alone is tough enough as it is so you’d better have the weapons to gear you up for climbing the ranks. In this article, we will look at the different gun combinations you can try for rank push. These combinations apply for both solo and squad cues but allow a little flexibility for squads since you can play any “role” when in a squad.

Recommended Gun Combinations

Recommended Gun Combinations

  • P90, SCAR-L, wildcard

This combination is good for any situation. Having a P90 allows you to be mobile and do decent damage to enemies. Given the P90’s relatively short range, you can switch to the SCAR-L easily to deal with long-range encounters. In this combination, having a third weapon is not necessarily essential. If possible, loot these guns early. You’ll be able to carry it until the Top 10.

  • AUG, MP5, any shotgun

This puts the AUG, an assault rifle, to the forefront which allows for a more passive gameplay. I usually play passively when in the Top 10. That usually means that other players will find each other more aggressively since the safe zone gets smaller and smaller. Maximizing the time until the safe zone shrinks is essential for this build. Having an assault rifle and a shotgun will come in handy in this situation. The rifle deals more damage than the submachine gun so having those fast kills while playing passively will benefit you. In the event the enemy closes in, the shotgun will provide the necessary weapon backup to the rifle. I recommend having at least a 2x Scope for the AUG.

  • AWM, P90, AK-47

You may opt to be the dedicated sniper in a squad but for solo, having backup weapons that have a high rate of fire and damage output can get you out of tough situations. While I do not regularly play as the sniper, the best gun for sniping is the AWM, which can be obtained through airdrops. Having this and level 3 attachments can be very deadly. As if the AWM is not deadly enough on its own. 

  • MP5, P90, any sidearm

This is for an aggressive build since it relies mostly on close to midrange combat. The P90 might be the weapon that can do long-range duels but, for the most part, this gun combination will be for those who prefer an aggressive playstyle. The MP5 can be swapped to a Mini-Uzi or the UMP45 for more in-your-face aggression.

  • USP or Mini-Uzi

This is good for starting out if there are no powerful weapons around. USP is a good sidearm that does not reduce your mobility while moving. The Mini-Uzi, meanwhile, gives you a high rate of fire. Be careful of spraying with this gun, though, as it has a really high recoil.

These are some weapon combinations I use in Garena Free Fire that got me a lot of Booyahs (wins) in Ranked games. Some of the listed weapons here like the SCAR-L are also the ones the enemies are holding which shows how powerful some of these weapons are at higher levels. Remember to survive and reach the Top 10 to get a lot of rank points. See you in the battlefield.

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