Yu Zhong: the newest MLBB hero that transforms into a dragon


Have you heard? There’s a new hero in the Land of Dawn and he can transform into a dragon! With impressive crowd control and damage output, Yu Zhong is a force to be reckoned with.

Yu Zhong Skills and Ultimate

First Skill – Dragon Toe

Yu Zhong’s first skill turns his cloak into a weapon, attacking enemies around him after a short delay, while enemies in the outer area of the cloak will receive 250% damage. This skill is perfect for zoning out heroes in the laning phase.

Second Skill – Soul Grip

When Soul Grip hits enemies, Yu Zhong can attack and slow enemies in a line. Soul Grip can be utilized to chase down enemies, as it brings Yu Zhong into range to use his other skills.

Third Skill – Furious Dive

Furious Dive is Yu Zhong’s best crowd-control skill, giving him a fairly long dash that ends with a delayed knock-up, enemies within the area of effect will be knocked airborne for 1 second and take physical damage.

Ultimate – Black Dragon Form

After channeling for 0.6 second, Yu Zhong transforms into the Black Dragon Form for 7 seconds, turning him into the mythical creature that is immune to crowd control attacks. This skill is perfect for extending team fights or escaping a gank. If Yu Zhong makes the most of his Ultimate, which is to gather the utmost Sha essence, he can survive almost any team fight without breaking a sweat!

There’s a hero and skin bundle available in-game. Make sure you have enough diamonds to purchase Yu Zhong, top up in Mobile Legends on Codashop now!