Wild Rift Patch 2.4 coolest features: New champion and items, Wild Pass S2, Bans, and more


Wild Rift Akshan

League of Legends: Wild Rift debuted its latest update, Patch 2.4, and it features a ton of new and exciting content. Headlining the list is the arrival of its new champion, the Rogue Sentinel Akshan. There is also an update on champion bans for ranked matchmaking, the new season of Wild Pass, plus a plethora of gameplay changes. Summoners, time to know more about them!

New Champion Akshan

Wild Rift AkshanImage credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, joins the champion list as the latest mid-laner AD. He is described as a marksman/assassin who is highly skilled in stealth combat. Akshan makes excellent use of his boomerang and grappling hook, allowing him to swing in a circle while shooting an enemy. His ability to earn bonus gold and shorten a teammate’s respawn timer by avenging their death is something to look forward to.

New Features

Ranked Season 3

Glorius Lulu SkinThe Glorious Lulu Skin. Image Credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

Summoners, Ranked Season 3 is here, and it promises to be more exciting than ever with an array of updates! Play on, reach Gold (and win ten games) this season, and you’re guaranteed to have the Glorious Lulu skin added to your collection!

A friendly reminder that there will be a few display issues during the season’s start. If gamers want to play when things have settled down, it is recommended to wait one day after the season has begun to play Ranked.

Ranked Season 3 began on July 26th at 15:00 PDT.

Ranked bans

Ranked bansThe long-term goal is to increase the ban slots to five per team. Image credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift

Bans are now available in Ranked mode. The last three players on both teams simultaneously ban one champion each. Riot hopes that starting with three bans will offer more meaningful, competitive, and healthy drafting experiences for players without negatively impacting champion diversity in the game. Their long-term goal is to increase the ban slots to five per team. Riot will monitor the performance of three bans closely as they plan for five bans in a future patch.

Bans have been deployed in Ranked last July 29 at 06:00 UTC.

Promotion matches removed

It was mentioned in their 2.4 Ranked Updates; Riot Games will be removing Promotion Matches from Ranked play. Riot believes the interruption to Wild Rift’s ranking experience caused by Promotion Matches currently outweighs the benefits they were meant to provide. Instead of transitioning to a Promotion Match after winning the last match of their current rank, players will immediately move up into the next rank. Riot will continue to monitor Ranked after their removal to confirm.

Promotion Matches have been removed since July 27 00:01 UTC.

Wild Pass Season 2

Wild Pass Season 2The Wild Pass will be a permanent feature in the game.

Attention Summoners, Wild Pass, is now available for a second outing! Season 2 is here, and it comes with several upgrades from the earlier version:

  • Overall, Riot is increasing the amount of Blue Motes, Poro Coins, and Poro Energy you get from purchasing the pass. For example, this time around, you can earn enough Blue Motes for a full champion.
  • Riot is increasing the amount of free rewards you’ll get while leveling up.
  • Riot is enabling players to gift the pass to other players on your friend’s list.
  • And despite these buffs, the price isn’t changing.

From now on, the Wild Pass will be a permanent feature in the game, with no more downtime between each new pass.



Record your best moments when you turn on Highlights from the settings. Image credit: Riot Games / Wild Rift


Turn on the Highlights now and capture your best moments! By turning on the Highlights in your game settings, you’ll be able to record your best moments in the game. Players can review and save them on their phones on the end-of-game stats screen. Just remember, turning on Highlights Recording may impact battery usage and performance.

Spectator and Replay

Riot has added new ways for players to spectate matches and replay their own. Players can now toggle between Fog of War for the red and/or blue side to understand both teams’ vision on the map. In addition, a new HUD has been deployed that allows for better viewing of teamfights as they happen. There is now a teamfight HUD and a minimalistic “no HUD” point of view that can be accessed in spectator mode. This new feature is now available in the game.

End-of-Game Screen

Riot added progression systems to the end-of-game screen so players can better understand their progress after each game and know when they have rewards to claim! 

Share Screen

Players can now share their Wild Rift achievements via their phone’s OS share drawer. This makes it easier for users to access all their favorite apps and social networks. Tapping the icon will open up the OS share drawer from which you can select any app that you want to post.

Gameplay Changes

New Items

The arrival of Patch 2.4 carries huge gameplay changes with the introduction of new items that can change the way champions operate in battle.

Crystalline Reflector. This AP/Armor item is considered the AP version of Thornmail.

  • Total Cost: 2900g
  • Builds from Seeker’s Armguard (1200g) + Fiendish Codex (1000g) + 700g
  • 60 AP
  • 45 Armor
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • PASSIVE – Mirrored Force: Ability casts grant a mirror shard (up to 3) that each block 10 +5% AP physical Damage from an enemy champion and deal 20 + 10% AP magic damage to them.

Essence Reaver. This new core item is an excellent fit for mana-hungry crit users who want to deal more damage both with critical hits and their abilities.

  • Total Cost: 3100g
  • Builds from Caudfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 900g
  • 40 AD
  • 25% Critical Rate
  • 25 Ability Haste
  • UNIQUE – Essence Flare: Damaging active abilities and empowered attacks deal 10 bonus physical damage +70% Critical Rate. The same ability can only trigger this effect once per unique target per cast.
  • UNIQUE – Mana Siphon: Attacks restore 2% missing mana on-hit

Navori Quickblades. Like the Essence Reaver, Navori Quickblades is aimed at helping crit users pump out more damage with abilities, but leans even more into the spammability front.

  • Total Cost: 3100g
  • Builds from Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 900g
  • 45 AD
  • 25% Critical Rate
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • PASSIVE – Deft Strikes: Your critical strikes with basic attacks reduce your non-ultimate ability cooldowns by 15% of their remaining cooldown.

Prophet’s Pendant. This is a new tier 2 magic penetration item that takes the place of the Oblivion Orb.

  • Total Cost: 1250g
  • Amplifying Tome (500g) + 750g
  • 125 Health
  • 25 Ability Power
  • PASSIVE – Doomsayer: +15 Magic Penetration

Seeker’s Armguard

  • Total Cost: 1200g
  • Upgrades from Cloth Armor (500g) + 700g
  • 30 Armor
  • 25 AP

Serylda’s Grudge. This item from League PC is convenient for fighting fast-moving enemies.

  • Total Cost: 3000g
  • Builds from + Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + Last Whisper (1300g) + 500g
  • 40 AD
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • 30% Armor Penetration
  • UNIQUE – Bitter Cold: Dealing ability damage slows affected units by 30% for 1 second.

Staff of Flowing Water. Also, from League PC, this item can help supports optimize their builds when they have AP-heavy teammates.

  • Total Cost: 2500g
  • Builds from Fiendish Codex (1000g) + Lost Chapter (1050g) + 450g
  • 350 Mana
  • 65 AP
  • 20 Ability Haste
  • PASSIVE – Rapids: Healing or shielding an ally grants you and them 20 Ability Haste speed and 20 − 40 (based on target’s level) ability power for 4 seconds.

Stormrazor. This League PC item offers a splash of utility for players who like to buy other energized items.

  • Total Cost: 2900g
  • Builds from Cloak of Agility (1000g) + Kircheis Shard (900g) + 1000g
  • 25 AD
  • 25% Critical Rate
  • 20% Attack Speed
  • PASSIVE – Energized: Moving and Attacking will generate an Energized Attack.
  • PASSIVE – Paralyze: Your Energized Attack gains 50-120 bonus magic damage. In addition, Energized Attacks slow enemies by 75% for 0.5 seconds

Solari Chargeblade. This item will help users gain a large amount of conditional Critical Rate to create synergy windows with other items they buy.

  • Total Cost: 3000g
  • Builds from Stinger (1200g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 800g
  • 30% Attack Speed
  • 25% Critical Rate
  • 25 Ability Haste
  • UNIQUE – Sunburst: Using an ability gathers Radiance (max 3 charges) which grants 25% Critical Rate for up to 10 seconds. Attacks that critically strike expend a charge of Radiance to deal 26-40 bonus True Damage on-hit, increasing up to 150% on low health targets. Each unique ability may only store a charge once every 2s.
  • Max True Damage: 65-100 when target is <= 35% Health

Wit’s End.  This item helps round out the anti-magic item set for physical damage dealers.

  • Total Cost: 2700g
  • Recurve Bow (900g) + Negatron Cloak (900g) + 900g
  • 50 Magic Resist
  • 45% Attack Speed
  • PASSIVE – At Wit’s End: Basic attacks deal 15 − 80 (based on level) bonus magic damage on-hit. While below 50% health, dealing damage to an enemy champion heals you for (Melee:100% / Ranged: 33%) of this effect’s post-mitigation damage.

*For complete information about Patch 2.4, please visit this link.

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